Why use a Bureau

More and more companies are using a Bureau to find speakers. Here's why.

Speakers Bureaux are comparatively new. That's because professional speakers are comparitively new. We were the first Bureau in New Zealand in 1984. Prior to that if you were going to use a speaker it was probably internal management.

Then it became clear that bring in a speaker from "outside" had many benefits. You could ship in a skill set that was not available within the company and you could do it for a minimum cost. "On your staff but not on your payroll"

To some people looking at the average cost of  speaker of say $4,000.00 it may appear to be  a high cost. If however you bring in a speaker for a specific reason and that should be to add to your revenue then the "cost" of the speaker becomes an "investment" in the speaker. If a speaker is not going to add in some way to your bottom line then don't have one.

The biggest competition to a Bureau is the client sourcing speakers themselves.

Yes you have decided an outside speaker would be good so let's get the cheapest one we can, or...

I've heard that Suzie Glutz is a good speaker, or...

I saw a speaker recently and we should use him/her, or...

Let's use Mr Google to find a speaker.

It is true that your "investment" using a Bureau may be more but so will your return, why?

Bureaux know the speakers in the market, they know their strengths and weaknesses. They get feedback on every engagement

Bureaux do not play favourites. If you see a Bureau that pushes a few "exclusive" speakers then be wary of vested interests.

Bureaux can give you options, a short-list.

Bureaux know how to take a good brief from you. The basis of a correct selection.

Bureaux guarantee the result. If the speaker does not perform to the performance brief then you don't pay the full fee.

Bureaux handle all the logistics, such as briefing, travel etc.

Bureaux work with speakers every day of the year. As an example we do more than 500 conferences in a year, utilizing more than 750 speakers. How many did you do last year?