William Pike

William Pike was mountaineering on Mt. Ruapehu when it erupted in September 2007, his right leg was amputated below the knee

His legs were severely crushed by rocks, mud & snow. He became critically hypothermic – doctors and rescue authorities noted his survival as 'a miracle '. Among other life threatening injuries, his right leg was amputated below the knee. This hasn’t slowed William down at all. William is doing the things he loves best -kayaking, bush walking, mountaineering, hunting, and exploring New Zealand’s beautiful backcountry. 

William has a passion for the outdoors, adventure, education, fun, and for living life to the max. He has a Bachelor of Education with First Class Honours, and is currently a practising Primary School teacher by day. He is also the author of his popular autobiography; Every Day’s A Good Day. In 2010, the William Pike Challenge Award (WPCA) was successfully launched at Hilltop School in Taupo; an outdoor activity based challenge program for 11 and 12 year olds.

William shares his unique and powerful story of surviving a volcanic eruption by motivating and inspiring wide-ranging audiences. William shares his journey to date, with simple, but often overlooked thoughts to allow the audience to reflect on what's really important in their life.

William leads by example to show how every event can be seen as positive, and/or an opportunity. With a can-do positive attitude, adults and children alike will be inspired, motivated and challenged to make every day a good day.

William's passion for photography ensures his presentations are exciting and visually attractive. Audio and short movie clips add to the audience's experience.