Vitale Lafaele

Vitale Lafaele commanded the armed offenders squad for over 10 years and was the first Samoan Police Commander in the NZ Police

Inspiration, Culture, Leadership, Diversity and Resilience.

Vitale is in strong demand as a speaker. He covers five major areas;

Inspiration; The story of how a young Samoan boy grew up to become a Samoan Chief (Matai) and one of New Zealand's most decorated Police Officers. Audience feedback indicates that they love Vitale's modesty and approach and are inspired by his story of commitment in the face of many so-called obstacles.

Culture; Vitale believes that it is the culture of the organisation that ultimately drives the outcome. The foundation that underpins the ability of the team to function at its best under all circumstances. The Dynamism of the group. Health and Safety is a key aspect of this.

Leadership; Vitale uses real-life case-studies to give insight into leadership and what it means in life and death situations. As one delegate put it "I felt the hair stand up on my neck as VJ was telling us about the siege and the sniper"

Diversity; This is a very hot topic right now and nobody has more first-hand experience than Vitale, who was instrumental in taking diversity to the NZ Police.

Resilience; The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. and stress.  Vitale has first-hand experience in this area including his own personal journey. Mental health and mindfulness is part of this journey.