Tony Christiansen

Tony is one of Australasia’s leading inspirational and motivational speakers. He is humorous, bold and straight talking as he brings you a story you will never forget. He tells of the adversity he has faced since the age of nine when a horrific railway accident left him without legs.

Tony came on to the professional speaking circuit in 1997 while still running his own signwriting company in Tauranga, New Zealand. His goal was simple - to be the "best motivational speaker in the World". No simple goals for our Tony.

In September 1999 TV3 profiled Tony's story on TV’s prime time show "20/20".
Then in July 2000 Tony released his autobiography 
titled "Race You to the Top - The Tony Christiansen Story". A book full of messages relevant to business and personal lives. This book is a "must-read" and Tony is a "must-have" if you are looking for a motivational speaker.

Ready to take his story to the world stage, Tony received a 5-minute standing ovation when he spoke to 2,100 of his peers, the world's leading professional speakers, at the National Speakers Association conference in Washington, USA, in early August 2000.

In addition to holding a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Tony has an amazing record of 12 Gold Medals in shot put, discuss, javelin and track events over six World games and 17 Silver Medals and 6 Bronze Medals from international events. Tony has also completed the Fletcher Marathon in Rotorua and the annual Tauranga Harbour Swim. He bench-presses in excess of 250 KG.

He is also a qualified lifeguard with honours from the World Lifesaving Federation and over 33 rescues to his name. He currently belongs to 6 car clubs, has progressed to sprint car racing and he has recently purchased a 4 wheel Polaris 250cc Trail Blazer motorbike. He was also the New Zealand pre '65 Saloon Car Champion for the 1995-1996 season and BOP Champion for Midget cars. On March 24, 1998, against all odds, Tony created aviation history by flying an aircraft solo.

Not bad for someone who lost both legs when he was 9 years old!

Tony is one incredible speaker. He says "It would have been easy for me to give up and accept my misfortune, but I figured it was up to me to do the best with what I had - and I did. And I've only just started."

Which is probably why Tony decided to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Elevation: 19,335.6 ft (5,895m) in 2003.

Tony's second book "Atttitude Plus! - Tony Christiansen's secrets of succcess was released in 2003

Most people won't achieve in their lifetime what Tony has achieved to date. Why? Not because they can't but because they don't try. They don't believe they can in some instances, other times they can't be bothered changing where they are. Every day is the same. Well not for Tony. Have Tony speak at your own risk, because he "takes no prisoners". Tony changes people's outlooks on life. Let him show you how.

In response to demand Tony has  designed a workshop in the spirit of his second book "Attitude Plus" that can be added on to his keynote or later in the day. This is an interactive workshop which runs from 60-90 minutes.