Terry Hawkins

Terry Hawkins has established herself as one of the leading presenters in human performance. With 20 years experience as a trainer in a myriad of industries, Terry draws from a strong foundation of knowledge and techniques.

Ask Terry what her specialty is and she will tell you simply – PEOPLE. Whether it is discussing the most cutting edge sales techniques, bringing a team together with focus and drive or changing the patterns of managers, her audiences walk away inspired and motivated, with tools to create outstanding results.

After seven years working in Australian State & National training roles for major companies in the fashion industry, Terry established her training company People In Progress in 1988. She knows what it takes to make a business work. People In Progress is now considered one of the most respected and results oriented companies in it's field.

Terry has trained over 80,000 people in the business sector. She specialises in all areas of people performance including communication, team building, leadership, sales skills, personal styles, conflict resolution, time effectiveness and personal development.

Terry doesn't want her audience to walk away with 'just a good feeling'. She delivers high impact, practical strategies that produce results, and her renowned sense of humour ensures everyone has a good time doing it. The polish and pizzazz of Terry’s trademark style of presentation ensures her audiences enjoy a memorable, educational and motivational experience. A message delivered by Terry is not easily forgotten!