Sven Hansen, Dr

Dr Sven Hansen. Resilience that is Practical, 46 and heartbroken or 99 not out? Research into health and medical issues


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Inspire, educate and entertain. Dr. Sven will energise your event and deliver real skills to help people transform their lives and their work. 7 Keys to Resilience can be tailored to professional, executive and staff events.

To embrace the future while remaining competitive and engaged, resilience is non-negotiable. Your people will understand why it is so important to step up to the challenge of being responsible for resilience.  Dr Hansen helps to make lifestyle, emotional intelligence and brain training clear, practical and simple.  Participants will learn practical tips to make a meaningful difference to their lives and their work.

7 Keys to Resilience

1. Understand Resilience: Bounce, Courage, Creativity & Connection

2. Get brilliant at Bounce Back – post traumatic growth

3. Master Rejuvenation – tactical calm and presence

4. Lifestyle non-negotiables – sleep, exercise & food

5. Mastering emotion – building EQ and connection

6. Training the mind – attention and effectiveness

7. Spirit in action - how to succeed through flow

Dr Sven Hansen, (MBChB, MBA) has pioneered preventative medicine, stress mastery, and the performance mindset.  He has worked with many global, sports and educational organizations to build Resilience.  Sven challenges you to transform by integrating physical, emotional, cognitive and moral resilience into life, leadership and business.

With a background in Special Forces and Sports Medicine, Sven has run resilience courses in business since 1988.  As Founder of the Resilience Institute, he leads a team spread across Australasia, Asia and Europe helping businesses craft resilience into their people and teams. He is a regular conference speaker on resilience, human factors, leadership and health