Suzanne Paul

The infomercial success story. In 1991 Suzanne arrived in New Zealand with NZ$15.00 and a dream. In 1996 she sold her company for $39 million dollars. Then she had to do it all over again. What a story!
Suzanne Paul came from Wolverhampton  in 1991 with just $15.00 in her pocket and a lot of determination.  She went on to build the country’s most successful direct marketing company, Prestige Marketing, developing and selling such products as Natural Glow and the Suzanne Clip.
Just Five years later she sold the company for $39 million dollars, and became one of the country’s most popular television personalties, starring in show’s such as, “ Guess Who’s Coming to dinner”, “Garage Sale” and “How’s Life”.
In 2005, due to delays in opening her Maori Cultural Venture, Rawaka, Suzanne lost everything, and was declared bankrupt soon after that.
Instead of giving up, which she felt like doing many times, Suzanne started again, with nothing. 
Just 12 months later, Suzanne is making good her promise to pay back all the creditors, and has been discharged from bankruptcy.
 How do you go from rags to riches, twice !
 How do you pick yourself up when you’ve hit rock bottom? and
 How do you start again, after being brought so low?
 Easy, just follow Suzanne’s Ten Simple steps to Success.
Suzanne’s story is one of inspiration and perseverance and she presents this message in a very entertaining way, drawing on her many hilarious life experiences.


Shel first made a splash on Kiwi television screens in the 80s, thanks to her infomercials. Hit TV show Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? saw her surprising ordinary New Zealanders with a long run of celebrity guests. She paired up with Anthony Ray Parker again for TV's Garage Sale and Second Honeymoon, then went on to win the third season of Dancing with the Stars — despite breaking a rib in the final.