Steven Saunders, Dr

"A rut is a grave with the ends knocked out! " "Laughter is the only tranquiliser without a side effect."

So says Dr Steven Saunders, one of Australasia's most keenly sought-after platform speakers. Steven Saunders has earned a sound reputation as a leading motivator with major companies, corporations, and professional organisations. He is an acknowledged sales specialist. He should be he has researched what makes a successful sales person.

Steven was one of the first New Zealand speakers to go international. His humour and material set the bar for speakers to come.

His messages are simple! You are not here on earth for long. Why waste your time being miserable? When everything is going wrong, maybe it's time to give yourself a check up, from the neck up.
He centres on the common denominators of success - a positive attitude, a commitment to goals, a focus on results and on the art of winning with people, whether they are your customers, your staff or your associates.
Dr Saunders has worked closely with Olympic athletes and national sporting teams, applying his ideas to achieve new goals.  His corporate client list looks like a "Who's Who" of business with over 200 speaking/training engagements per year.  
As a keynote speaker or workshop leader, Steven Saunders will inspire your team with proven techniques and material and help your company gain a competitive edge over their competition.
As an after dinner speaker he will have your team rolling in the aisles as he chides them about the things that are important in business.  As an MC, he has few equals as he applies his humour with his business acumen to maintain the tempo and focus of your conference.
Known for his capacity to tie in important practical motivational and business messages with humour, Steven is one person who really walks his talk. He believes in a fit body and a fit mind and has run a 2 hour 30 minute Marathon. He loves the challenge of diversity and his life is committed to bringing the best out in people and achieving the very best in team spirit and team commitment through focus on the goals ahead.
When the real leaders work is done the people say, “We did it ourselves”
 – Chinese proverb
Keynote Addresses at your next conference or business meeting. After Dinner Addresses that are witty, relevant and will stimulate your audience.
Dr. Steven Saunders has earned a reputation as one of New Zealand's most entertaining and effective platform speakers.
Steven's addresses are always extremely well researched and his messages 'hit the spot' with his audiences and sponsors. Known for his capacity to tie in important practical motivational and business messages with hilarity, Steven has been described as an 'entertainer'.
Topics vary according to the context and audience and can include: 
How to Thrive on Stress and Stay Sane in a Crazy and Changing World 
Building Performance through Teamwork 
How to Hire, Motivate and Retain High Performing Sales Staff 
The Art of Recruiting Achievers into your Organisation 
Keys to Being Positive in Negative Times.

Steve's lates book, now in its second print, Pricks, Losers and Well Poisoners - Positive Strategies for Dealing with Negative People  

Dr Steven Saunders outlines positive strategies for dealing with workplace negativity. Real life stories bring good management practices alive with the best possible outcome and without any costly lawsuits or pay outs!


"Practical, sensible and not too PC, this book should be read by all business owners and managers who have badly behaving staff. Steven's extensive experience and knowledge is clearly evident. He shows you how to get the right result. A good read".  

Sir William Gallagher 
Chairman & CEO Gallagher Group Ltd


"It is staggering how timid many managers are at dealing with unacceptable performance (behaviour). There are many (mostly spurious) reasons for this and Steve's book does an excellent job at dispelling them and providing a practical way forward. Compulsory reading for all managers."  

Nick Nightingale 
Managing Director/Owner Resene Paints Ltd 

"Steve Saunders has provided me with people advice for nearly 20 years. Steve's support and advice has always been invaluable. The advice in this book should be heeded by every employer. You owe it to yourself, your business and others in your team to deal promptly with problems caused by Pricks, Losers and Well Poisoners. Thanks for putting this material into a book Steve. Even after all these years, it's still great to consider and heed your advice."

John Sandford 
Sandford Consulting