Sandy Geyer

Sandy Geyer is no stranger to success. Across a wide range of diverse industries, she inspires and motivates people to achieve their full potential and to take ownership of their own destinies
Sandy Geyer is no stranger to the entrepreneurial journey and its challenges. She built up and still leads one of South Africa’s most successful educational publishing companies, as well as a property Investment Company, and privately mentors entrepreneurs across a diverse range of industries in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. 


She is also the author of "My Long Flight from freedom" ... a personal story of her journey through and out of the new South Africa to New Zealand.
Sandy’s  knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for business and in particular, entrepreneurship, are the focus of her energetic and informative presentations and published business articles.  She has a degree in Industrial Psychology (BA), is certified DISC communication trainer and has sixteen years experience in running her own successful companies.  
Her presentations are based on accountability and awareness (which drives behaviour and leads to results) and her model and analogies are best suited to the entrepreneurial environment - in particular insurance and real estate groups would benefit and draw huge relevance.Her material is also very good for service providers to entrepreneurs such as accountants and legal advisors. Sandy has good experience and knowledge in behavioural profiling which would be well suited to getting the most out of people.
Here’s what her clients say:
Sandy is very passionate and speaks from experience, which is paramount to those she engages with and relates well with an audience.  Her presentations are well thought out and delivered enthusiastically – she makes learning fun.”
Richie Wellsbury; Biz Advisor; Business Mentors New Zealand; Training and Employment Choices
“Sandy is an enthusiastic and engaging presenter who is genuinely interested in the development of every person in the group. Her experience and knowledge is obvious and the material hits the mark by providing information and practical skills to apply every day. We all benefited from attending Sandy’s presentations.”
Kind regards
Mark Gilberd
Director - Registered Professional Surveyor, CKL Planning / Surveying / Engineering
Sandy was exceptional on the day. She captured the audience, entertained them and inspired them. Over half the attendees rated her as an "Excellent speaker". I highly recommend inviting Sandy to your next conference or event. 
Vanessa Davey, Managing Director, Venus Group Ltd. NZ
I thought that Sandy is one of the best speakers we have had for the following reasons.
• Her presentation was structured, very well prepared and flowed from start to the conclusion. (she didn't just ramble on) 
• She used her life 'war stories'  to illustrate points well, but did not use them to the point that they overshadowed the message, or even became the message, as some of our speakers have done. 
• There was plenty of 'take away value' for this group of business women. This means that she gave clear, specific and practical advice that could be taken and used for business improvement almost immediately. 
• She kept the audience engaged by occasionally putting questions to them. 
• Her style was energetic and she showed enthusiasm for her message. 
I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and the way it was presented. A timely reminder for all of us at the beginning of a new year.
In June 2010 I attended a seminar run by Sandy Geyer.  Her presentation was clear and succinct and she used examples of her own very interesting life experiences to emphasise particular points. She captivated the room with her concise speaking style and used anecdotes cleverly to illustrate the subject matter better. Sandy was able to engage the whole room with her radiant and bubbly presentation style and easily facilitated group discussion when required. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sandy present at any function that requires a lively, interesting and captivating speaker.
 David Armstrong BBS
Investment Advisor
Craigs Investment Partners