Rob Harley

Rob Harley found he was becoming cynical with the media and decided to do something about it. What he did is inspirational and life changing. His presentation is inspiring and motivational.
Rob Harley is one of New Zealand¹s busiest documentary-makers.In 2008 he has delivered Kiwi viewers some astonishing insights into some amazing lives, including the story of a British researcher who has overcome the loss of most of her limbs to meningococcal disease while studying the very illness that devastated her life.

Rob spent more than 26 years working in TV news and current affairs before moving out into the world of communications consultancy.

During his career in television Rob worked on programmes including Frontline and Assignment, and made several documentaries. Rob¹s work has been recognised by more than 20 National and International awards in journalism including two gold medals at the New York Film and Television Awards.

Rob¹s documentary work has taken him to lots of places including East Timor, Sudan, Kosovo, Cambodia and India.

His television reporting has given him a unique insight into fascinating sides of life in NZ. From being in the heart of the action at the Bastion Point occupation, to the ¹81 Springbok tour, the trial of the Rainbow Warrior Bombers, the first test-tube babies born in NZ, stock market booms and busts and the inner workings of crime syndicates, to mention just a few.

In recent years, Rob has branched out into more intensive television production, developing a series called ³Extreme Close Up² ­ which ran for three seasons on TV One, featuring stories about people overcoming adversity through personal belief and courage.

In his public speaking career, Rob has specialised in speaking about leadership, and the role of the media in a rapidly changing world.

He has written three books - his most compelling work is called ³ Brave, Mad and Memorable,² in which Rob recounts his personal journey through ten fascinating journalistic assignments ­ everything from New York in the aftermath of September 11th, to a documentary exploring the minds of people who think they¹ve been abducted by aliens.

His particular passion is working on behalf of aid agencies, making documentaries and promotional material to help raise the profile of these agencies and their work among the poor.

Rob's ability to tell stories and weave pictures of ordinary people doing extraordinary things is motivational and inspirational.

Comments from people who have experienced Rob's presentation;

"I cried! The last story was just amazing."

"Rob is terrific. I just loved the whole presentation"

"I feel like my faith in human nature has been restored."

"I didn't know what to expect but he is a terrific speaker and I'm so pleased we chose him."

"He's one of the best speakers we have used. He was great!"

"They just loved him. The looks on their faces said it all."