Richard Webster

Richard Webster is an international authority on reading people through their behaviour and body language

Richard's TV interview 

Richard Webster has been entertaining audiences around the world since 1971 and has appeared on numerous television shows including 20/20 and Hard Copy.

Richard's latest book (2016) Legacy : How to Write and Publish Your Life Story has proven to be a real winner with audiences of all ages. 

Richard is also the best-selling author of more than 110 books that have been translated into 30 languages, and sold more than 11,000,000 copies. His latest book "Body Language - Quick and Easy" takes readers and audiences into body language reading in a new and refreshing manner.

Richard has studied people from all works of life, as a therapist, as a business speaker, and as someone skilled in reading people as a profession.

His presentation consists of;

Body Language Quick and Easy This is a 45 minute corporate presentation designed to give delegates a new insight into why people behave in a certain way and how to do a quick read on them. Richard incorporates humour and his ability as a magician to make learning body language easy, rewarding and entertaining.

Richard is often asked to comment on a person's body language from the news media and has appeared on the TV show "Hard Copy".

His material is beneficial for any group dealing with the public and need to see hidden mannerisms and indicators that may scientifically identify their behaviour. 

Richard presents rather heavy hitting material in a most entertaining manner and is able to break down scientifically proven skills into take home value

Richard's new book (January 2018) is "Humour in Action - How to have more fun at work"