Pauline "Polly" Gillespie

Polly Gillespie is now available to share her incredible journey.

One of New Zealand's most popular columnists and broadcasters, fell into her careers without any planning or pre-thought.  As a child born and raised in South Auckland and then Hamilton, Polly was highly creative, dreaming only of being Mary Poppins, and along the way won school writing competitions and speech competitions as young as five years old. She has tumbled through life collecting opportunities and experiences. 

Now New Zealand's highest paid female radio broadcaster and second highest paid broadcaster, she juggles her time between radio, Woman's Day and The Herald whilst also attempting to work as PA for her three children, who seem to believe that is what a mothers job is.

Polly left her marriage after 26 years, in 2015, but still happily works with her ex husband Grant Kereama.

Polly believes in championing other women, and does her utmost to encourage other women and spreading the word that there is no place for envy, jealousy and the trolling of other women, famous or not.

With one of the most popular social media followings, Polly foolishly does it all herself.  There are no assistants posting for her. There are no interns working behind the scenes.  Being genuine and opinionated is part of what she is.

Specialty topics;

Being a successful woman without being a bitch

Coping with miscarriage, death and divorce

Raising children with boundaries

Interviewing just about everyone in Hollywood

interviewing almost everyone in the music business

Coping with anxiety.

Winning almost anything through listening.

Everything that happens to you is a 'story'.  Nothing doesn't have a funny or positive side, and at the very least it makes a fabulous tale!

Polly is a welcome addition to any conference or conference dinner. Either as a keynote speaker, where she can tackle any subject that prevents people from "getting on with it" from self motivation, handling stress and balancing work and life, to her after dinner presentation, touching on her many celebrity interviews, which will be the highlight of the conference.