Peter FitzSimons

Former Wallaby rugby champion, author, media commentator and speaker
A former Wallaby who played seven rugby tests for Australia, Peter FitzSimons is a columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald and London Daily Telegraph.

Following a long career at Channel Nine, on the Today Show and Wide World of Sports, Peter became one of the founding studio hosts for Galaxy Sports pay television. Most recently he has been seen on New Zealand television as a panelist on Super Liquor Tight Five.

He has written five best-selling books including Nick Farr-Jones: An Authorised Biography, his very successful biography of Nancy Wake, 'Kokoda' the story of the defining battle of WW2 for Australians, and 'Hitchhiking for Ugly People', which is now in its third reprint.

Peter is a brilliantly funny after-dinner speaker with hilarious anecdotes of the high and mighty, as well as fascinating tales of his travels and his six years spent in America, Italy, France and Spain.

As a motivational speaker, Peter recounts how the Wallabies lifted themselves from average performers in the early 80's to be the undisputed best in the world by the early 90's.

He also passes on some of the recipes for success he has gleaned from some of the many extremely successful people he has interviewed: President George Bush, Gough Whitlam, James Packer, Mother Theresa, Ben Johnson, Kieren Perkins, Carl Lewis, Sebastian Coe, George Foreman and Greg Norman.