Nina Fountain

Nina Fountain is a Team Activator in the field of High Performing Workplaces. A consultant, mediator, trainer and coach, based in Wellington New Zealand working with businesses and organisations throughout Australasia.

In 2015 Nina appeared as a featured expert on the national documentary ‘Equilibrium Man Challenge’. Nina was also a speaker at the Future of Work and National Employer of Choice conferences. 

Nina is an experienced practitioner having managed her own virtual, remote and high performing teams.

Recently Nina delivered a “phenomenal” set of toolkits for the Australian Federal Government education program that provides public advice on how to establish flexibility as an organisational strategy – possibly a world first.

Nina focuses on three areas in analyzing High Performing Workplaces;


She believes that teamwork is the missing link in our drive for better orgaisations and productivity. While we focus intently on developing leaders and individuals, we tend not to pay sufficient attention to teamwork. Nina inspires teamwork and shows teams how to make the most of working together.

Virtual Teams and Distributed Workforces

The new world of work offers incredible opportunities to use technology to work remotely. If you’re exploring Activity Based Working or distributed workforces, you’ll appreciate the voice of experience that Nina can offer. Nina has had a leading role in helping organisations in Australia and New Zealand to maximise their distributed working arrangements and she can do the same for your business or organisation.  

The future of work

We’ve heard that technological change is a potential threat to our current way of working but how much of a threat is it? Where are the opportunities? And why is the future of work a pressing issue for leaders today? Nina will lead your thinking towards the issues that matter. She believes the future of work belongs to those who actively engage with the way the world is changing. New strategies are needed and yet they are not new at all.

Nina has a leading role in the conversation about the future of work. She has spoken at national conferences in New Zealand and Australia on this topic. In April 2016, together with her associate, Siobhán Hanley, Nina co-authored an executive guide on creating a future-ready workforce, released in April 2016. Nina was also an adviser to the New Zealand Labour Party’s Future of Work Commission.

Nina is a consultant, mediator, trainer and coach. She is based in Wellington and works with businesses and organisations throughout New Zealand and Australia.