Ngahihi Bidois

Ngahihi o te ra Bidois is an International Speaker who has been described as a Modern-day Warrior.

Ngahihi has many years of speaking and leadership experience in the Business, Education and Maori sectors. He has helped many leaders develop their personal and professional leadership and has been a manager in a multinational oil company, a teacher and Head of Department in a secondary school, a lecturer, a Kura Kaupapa Maori teacher, an Academic Adviser and a senior manager in the tertiary Education sector.

Ngahihi o te ra Bidois has a Marketing Business degree, a post graduate diploma secondary teacher’s qualification, a tourism qualification and recently graduated with a Masters in Education with honors from Massey University. He is the current National Speakers Association New Zealand (Auckland) 2007 Master of Ceremonies of the year and the 2007 Bright Star Speaker of the year.

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes and Ngahihi o te ra Bidois provides leadership keys to develop their professional and personal Leadership. He has helped many Business Leaders, Educational Leaders, Sports Leaders and Community Leaders to increase their spheres of influence. He has also presented in various countries including Malaysia, Cornwall, America and England as well as conferences and seminars held throughout New Zealand.

Drawing on his own experiences, the experiences of others and lessons from ancient Maori wisdom, Ngahihi o te ra will unravel truths to help you develop your own personal and professional leadership skills – no matter what your shape or size.

In one of his keynote speeches entitled “Licorice Allsorts for Leaders” Ngahihi o te ra provides leaders with keys to increase their influence. He has also helped Educational and Business organisations to develop their strategic plans, cultural diversity, marketing plans, management and governance practices and strengthen people within their organisations.

His tagline of Ancient Wisdom Modern solutions ensures Ngahihi offers pieces of wisdom from his indigenous Maori culture in an informative and inspiring manner. Ngahihi o te ra says “I believe the most important resource in many organisations are their people. If people feel valued and are appropriately developed their continued contribution is priceless. One of our Maori proverbs outlines this: He aha te mea nui?, He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. What is the most important thing? It is people, people, people. I help organisations to develop their people.”