Monique Gladding

What are the 5 attributes to be an Olympic champion?

The odds of becoming an Olympian are 636,000 to 1 !  To win an Olympic Gold - 22 million to 1. What is required?

Monique Gladding, had a dream - to be selected for the British diving team at the London 2012 Olympics. This dream looked like it was over when in February 2011 while competing in an event in Russia she almost lost her life in a horrifying accident..

But against all the odds Monique came back to represent Great Britain at the 2012 London Olympics.

Monique was part of a forum of Olympians that developed the five steps they believed were the key to success;

The 5 key points are;


1. Your hunger to achieve. 

2. Mental toughness

3. Your support team.

4. Dare to do different.

5. Plan for success.

How can these be applied to business?

The 11 time British National Champion, World and European medallist, speaks about the high’s the lows and the hope and despair that comes with being an Olympic athlete.  A truly inspiring story that will leave you feeling you can accomplish anything!

How she came back against all odds to achieve her childhood dream makes for a highly inspirational presentation, that will take you on a roller coaster journey

'Monique retired from competitive diving in September 2012 and immersed herself into her speaking career. Having worked in the UK with companies such as Sky Sports, British Gas and Weight Watchers, she now resides with her husband and family in Auckland New Zealand