Matthew Mewse

Matthew Mewse, known as "The Telephone Man", is New Zealand's leading business by phone specialist. At a time when technology is taking over communications Matthew's techniques can give anyone that important competitive edge
Matthew is one of the most dynamic and passionate speakers in the business. Well you'd have to be really if you’re talking about something that everyone thinks they know all about. I mean how hard is it to use the telephone? Harder than you think!
Great companies know that competitive advantage comes in small incremental steps. More effective use of what you already have in many cases. A recent survey indicated that it's now harder for people to do business with you than ever before. Why? Because with all the new technology it's getting harder to find a human to talk to. And what about those endless telephone marketers? 
Each and every one of us in business uses the phone each and every day. But very few know how to harness the full power of this vital, but often overlooked, instrument of communication. 
How often do you think to yourself, after a conversation has finished, “I wish I’d said that” or “how did I lose that prospect?” Sound familiar? Matthew delivers highly relevant information on telephone technique, liberally laced with humour, when he makes one of his highly entertaining seminar or conference presentations. 
He is equally at home in front of an audience of 20 or 2000. He will entertain and inform, leaving the audience buzzing with enthusiasm and having given them new techniques to handle common telephone sales problems.
After successfully working as a team leader and call centre manager, Matthew began to wonder if he could teach others the many techniques he'd picked up during his own telephone sales career. After all, it's not rocket science, rather the disciplined application of learned skills, liberally dosed with common sense. 
His many years' experience selling a wide variety of products and services across many different industries, each with their individual cultures, has given him a unique understanding of how to use the telephone to increase business. 
On taking his specialised skills out into the business world, he found that no matter the size of a business or the products/services being sold, upskilling telephone sales staff significantly improves their sales success. 
"I wanted to show those managers who think their staff need only a script and some buddy training, the difference that professional telephone technique makes to a sales call, and the profitable outcome which can be generated." 
Matthew's keynote presentations get successful people excited about using the telephone. A forgotten weapon to be even more successful.  His award-winning seminars, consultancy, and lead management systems are in great demand by dynamic companies and individuals.
Whether you’re selling a product or service, representing your company or just want to get more positive outcomes using the phone, the Telephone Man will share the secrets of telephone technique you can put into use straight away! 
When you're planning your next conference or workshop why not slot Matthew in to maximise an asset that you already have. Just waiting to be used effectively.