Marty Wilson

International Speaker on Change Management and Health & Resilience, Bestselling Author, former Australian Comic of the Year

Marty Wilson Speaker on Change Management, Health & Resilience and Selling
with Stories, Bestselling Author, former Australian Comic of the Year

On the way to creating his 11 (and counting) books in the bestselling What I Wish I Knew series, Marty has interviewed over 1000 inspirational people on how to do business, and
life, well. From footy coach Wayne Bennett to a Buddhist Nun who works with prisoners on death row in L.A., from Comic Anh Do to a mother of eleven children, from a 911 survivor to chef Maggie Beer.

In his speaking work he distills all that wisdom down, adds in his own scientific research, and delivers the result interwoven with laugh-out-loud stories as only a former Australian Comic
of the Year could. This makes his presentations incredibly human and instantly
relatable to a wide variety of audiences.
"Marty is the funniest speaker I've seen in a long time, but he's much more than that. He is both thought provoking and inspirational, with well researched content delivered a relatable, human way. If your team needs an energy shot to cope with the relentless pace of business these days, they need a dose of Marty Wilson." Daniel Parsons, Vice President Acquisition
American Express

(50-60 minute keynote or 2-3 Hour Workshop)

This program is perfect for
- Businesses who’s target markets are jaded, judgemental or quick to dismiss the typical ‘salesperson.’
- Sales forces who are underperforming and need some new strategies
- Companies who have large ticket items that people consider carefully before buying
- Sectors where the good old fashioned human connection just cannot be underestimated
- Sales people who are looking for new ways to get their target to ‘know, like and trust’ them.
- Conference organisers putting on a sales conference who need someone truly entertaining to liven up the dead spots

Some of the topics covered:
“We all hate selling, but we all love telling stories.”

Bestselling Author Marty Wilson hates ‘selling’, but he has sold over a million dollars worth of his books to large corporate clients by telling
his stories and listening to people tell theirs. And he has worked out these are the two best skills you need to influence people and
make all the sales you want.
“Marty did a great job in bringing patient stories to our sales force and empowering them with the ability to do the same in their roles.”
Carol Manio, Group Brand Manager - Men's Health, Eli Lilly Australia

“Stop Selling, Start Connecting”

After interviewing and deeply engaging with over 1,000 people for his What I Wish I Knew book series, Marty Wilson believes that the best way to begin selling to people is simply to shut up and listen. People want to talk, love to talk, in fact, they need to talk.So let them. Then when you have established a deeper trust by letting them tell your stories about their frustrations, problems and goals, can you tell them a few true tales about how your products and services can help them solve their problems and achieve their goals.

“Marty combines a deep knowledge of his topics with the effortless stage  resence that only comes through years and years of time up in front of a crowd.” Rob Fisher, Director of Indigo Training, UK

“The Secret Science of Bypassing Judgemental Prospects”

- If I tell you “I am a trustworthy person,” your prefrontal cortex will judge, in microseconds, whether you believe it or not. But in the last 10
years, NMRI imaging on our brains have proven that if I tell you a story that JUST HAPPENS TO ILLUSTRATE that I am a trustworthy person, you
listen to that story with your limbic system – the emotional part of the brain. This means we can use stories to bypass your prospect’s judgment
and let you sneak your sales pitch past their defences.

Marty Wilson's Selling With Stories training is perfect for any prospects that are quick to judge or a "hard sell". He makes sure all the delegates
leave with tips and techniques they can use straight away. Nicholas Goodwin, Senior Commercial Portfolio Manager, Pfizer Australia

Give Your Buyer a Test Drive While They’re Sitting At Their Desk - When you sell, you sell by highlighting benefits, not features. But when you tell a
story about someone else the listener experiences what psychologists call a ‘referential shift’ where they come across to ‘your side of the table’ and listen to you without all the negative judgment of sales people. Their brain literally experiences the benefits of your product before they’ve even tried it out.

Borrow From James Bond to Create Better Stories
- Marty teaches 3 specific techniques that blockbuster movie scriptwriters use that can get anyone creating great stories to hold a prospect’s attention. And he passes on tips for how to identify great stories in the news and other media and use them to help you make more sales.

“Over the last 10 years I have co-ordinated our company conference and engaged many speakers on various topics to entertain and educate our staff. I can quite honestly say Marty Wilson is one of the most entertaining speakers I have ever seen. His message was also meaningful and thought provoking. I would recommend Martin to any organisation as an excellent speaker”
Sue Crawford, Marketing & Business Director, Crombie Lockwood Insurance, NZ