Lynda Whitehead

Lynda Whitehead is Transgender. Her story is about Diversity.

According to Lynda Whitehead, Prejudice is definitely alive & well in Aotearoa/New Zealand, and Lynda should know. In 2008 Lynda transitioned from being male to being female - Transgender.

But her story is not about being Transgender, it's about Diversity.

On Friday, October 12, 2018, the BBC announced;

Currently, 11 percent of the BBC’s workforce and 12 percent of its leaders identify as LGBT, the highest representation of any UK broadcaster. The review undertook in-depth research on what working at the BBC feels like for LGBT staff.

Informed by 300 staff and input from Stonewall, the review made ten recommendations. They have already been accepted by the BBC’s Executive Committee and are designed to:

Educate leaders and staff about what’s important to LGBT

Increase the prominence of LGBT staff, role models and the BBC Pride network

Empower LGBT staff to be comfortable about being open at work

Lynda speaks first-hand about breaking out of that old stereotype & embracing a new way of looking at others as well as ourselves. Many of my community are disadvantaged in many ways, employment, health & accommodation. Many lose jobs, can’t find a place to live & find it hard to get the level of health care they need.

Yes, Lynda is a Transgender woman, there are many different types of women in this world and she is just one of them. At a time when everyone needs to understand Diversity is all of its forms, Lynda adds a new and refreshing approach.

More and more New Zealand companies are starting to embrace Diversity. One because they see it as a social need but secondly because to not do so means they turn their backs on a rich supply of employees. Diversity may come in the form of gender, race, age or Transgender. Transgender is no longer an oddity, it is a reality. 

Many Transgender people have to climb many mountains in their lives to be able to achieve what others take for granted.

Lynda talks about her journey and her personal story is compelling. But Lynda also offers a keynote that should be heard by employers, management, HR and staff. Not a theoretical approach but an actual experience based presentation.

This is cutting edge material as it shows the gap between reality and the opportunities that exist for Employers to embrace a new attitude to their business.