Luke Smith

Luke Smith Moto Mayhem extreme athlete. Inspiration and Extreme Sports. Auckland based. Speaking style; Understated, exciting, great video footage.

Luke Smith immigrated to New Zealand with his family in 2002. Before that he had never ridden a motor bike of any kind. An invitation to a motocross event in Hamilton changed all that. Within 2 years he had mastered the acrobatic side of the sport and was invited to join the internationally acclaimed Crusty Demons performance team.
Since then Luke ahs become a legend in the sport. Performance breathtaking stunts all over the world including; Performing at Wembley Stadium, Las Vegas, and in 2008 he jumped a million dollar Americas Cup Yacht in Auckland. 
His personality and nerves of steel have endeared him to fans all over the world. But in January 2009 at the height of his career he suffered a major setback that was to change his life forever.
Luke was training for a big show and a freak accident caused him to crash and he suffered suffering from post-traumatic amnesia caused by a serious head injury. Luke was riding at a friends new purpose built compound when his front brake locked and he crashed into a landing ramp, shattering his helmet and knocking himself unconscious. 
Doctors warned him that another crash may end his life. His dreams of becoming the best in the world were shattered along with his helmet. But Luke has never been afraid of new challenges. After intensive therapy Luke was back on his feet as positive as ever. His extreme sport days were over but a new adventure was just beginning.
In February 2013 Luke defied all the odds and performed with the Nito Circus at North Harbour Stadium in Auckland in front of 30,000 people. In spite of a broken jaw sustained on thestreets of Auckland the night before. But that's another story.
Today Luke has turned his passion to designing graphics for his fellow bike riders and speaking to audiences on how he achieved his success and how he overcame the setback.
Luke's story is amazing! From the time he entered his first race to the glittering heights of fame and fan adulation. How did Luke override the fear of failure that allowed him to do unbelievable gravity defying feats? What drove him to be the best in a sport so dangerous that very few take it on? 
Your staff will be inspired! Luke's story is full of parallels that can be applied in your business and in your personal life.
Luke became a crusty demon touring the world then brain injury, resulted in a coma 5 ½ months in hospital, having to re learn to walk told he would never ride again was in a blank spot no qualifications only ever ridden bikes. So then he went back to university for 3 years to become a graphic designer, then Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus come to New Zealand for the first time, they ask Luke to ride in the biggest show in action sports on the earth, he had to decline as he had not ridden a bike in 3 years and was not cleared by the doctors to do so. He was still under intense observation.  


They ended up letting him have a stand to display his mx graphics he had been designing after class. So Moto Mayhem Industries was born, he was going to follow his love even though he couldn’t ride he was going to tour with his friends and have a stand at each show will the rock FM and Red Bull displaying what he could do for motorbike sticker kits. The tour was a hit and got Luke working around the clock with this new workload while he was still studying.
Luke graduated but also got offered to jump on a bike again for a Berroca |Performance TV commercial that was going to be shown in New Zealand and in Australia. Great money after being a poor student so lumped jumped at it only getting cleared by the doctor the day before they shot the commercial. He borrowed a bike and all went well. Luke had got that buzz for his bike back.
World Quickly spread Luke had jumped on a bike again when no one thought it was possible. One sponsor bike brand quickly gave him a new bike and on his third ride yes third ride on a bike in 4 years he just went for a backflip and pulled it off. Luke Smith was officially back.(like riding a bike you never forget people say)
So whilst riding he was designing and making custom mx graphics I had now been riding again for 6 months and got the call from Nitro Circus to say in 6 more months they were coming back and did he want to ride as they heard he was  back on and riding like never before. Luke accepted and was over the moon. He was going to get to go full circle and perform at the biggest show in the world 5 years after his brain injury.
Bad luck  then struck again 3 months from show time, He crashed at home learning a new trick shattering his heel bone and breaking his jaw in 3 places requiring surgery plates and screws. This time these was no way he was going to make Nitro Circus. He felt his dreams being crushed again, He decided to opt out of having surgery on his heel bone. He went for 8 weeks in a cast, which then gave him 2 weeks before he started the Nitro Circus tour, which meant in 2 weeks he had to somehow get movement back into his heel ankle and some strength back in it so he could perform in these shows. He pushed through hard as he wanted this so bad and wanted exposure for his clothing line.
The NZ tour was a huge success with almost 30,000 at every one of the 5 stop tour. Luke was still on crutches the whole tour and had to have someone else back stage start his bike - but he did it.
Luke now gets his adrenalin rush from selling his clothing line MotoMayhem. He currently provides his clothing line to 10 stores in New Zealand and three stores in Australia. His goal is to be in 20 stores in New Zealand and in 50 stores in Australia.
In April 2015 Luke will attempt to set a new world record for jumping an electric moto bike. He is sponsored by Stealth, an Australian company and is their global spokesperson. 
You'll be seeing a lot of Luke Smith.