Liza Pavlakos

Liza Pavlakos a powerful new speaker hits the global stage


From fearlessly helping organisations and individuals to discover new ways to overcome adversary, to keynote speaking at some of the world’s most recognised events such as the 2016 Miss Earth Coronation Night in the Phillipines. Liza Pavlakos is an inspirational keynote speaker with more than just a ‘speech.’ She is the catalyst to helping people live more rewarding lives. 

Having faced homelessness after escaping sexual abuse as a child, to being a victim of intense domestic violence where the right side of her face was reconstructed. To finally believing she was free of violence to being abducted, raped and almost murdered. 

Regardless of her past adversities, Liza has the determination to change her life becoming a successful entrepreneur, the organiser of beauty pageants attracting crowds of over 4,000 people and now a motivational speaker speaking across 5 continents to thousands of people, and having followers on social media well into the six figures.

“Create the life you want to live today, for everyday is a brand new day, and every breath is a brand new breath,”

Liza Pavlakos

She delivers the right message, the right motivators and the right game changers for women and men to ultimately challenge them to honestly answer some of life’s challenging questions. Liza provides transformative strategies that provides people with the tools to become empowered to make change of their own futures.

Through her talks on overcoming adversity, Law of Attraction, finding inner strength and drawing on people’s own struggles in their life, she shows her audience how to discover the courage, power and determination that lies within themselves. 

Author of the forthcoming books that is set to be traditionally published in late 2017, The Diamonds Within,and Salt of the Earth, Liza has empowered thousands of people worldwide through her audio and training programs. Award winner of the World Achiever Speaker Award from the Ariva Academy for speaking at the 10th HR Congress at the SMX Convention for over 2500 attendees, she continually provides philanthropic work in the Phillipines with Orphangage and Medical Centres. She was recently a guest on CNN Asia, where they did a story on her as a leading powerful woman. 

“I have realised that I can really make a difference to people’s lives, and am looking to expand globally, to get the message of Self Love and the essence of Self Empowerment to people,”

Liza Pavlakos.

Her goal is to empower men and women on a global scale to show them how to overcome trauma to move forward and to transfer their disappointments from their abuse, into power for themselves and in turn, ensure that that power is able to transform their working career life to the better, helping them find the diamonds from within to reach goals they never thought achievable for themselves