Linda Hutchings

Dispensing uncommon wisdom

Linda is obsessed with the development of remarkable people. Take a minute to ask yourself – what does the word remarkable actually mean? Remarkable - worth making a remark about – worth commenting on - for all the right reasons, of course. We all get talked about, but do you get talked about because of the damage you do, or the difference you make?
Linda chooses to work with people who want to make a profound positive difference in their family, in their community and in their workplace. She has over 25 years’ experience as a catalyst for learning with a phenomenal reputation for making learning thought provoking, life changing and, heaven forbid, even enjoyable!
Participants describe her as energetic, highly inspirational and full of genuine, down-to-earth practical leadership wisdom. And by the way, she has a memory like an elephant.
Simply put, she will knock your socks off


Linda has two passions. First, she is hell-bent on developing people’s leadership capability. She strongly believes that, given the opportunity and motivation, anyone can become a remarkable leader.
Her second passion is learning delivery, the specific methodologies that trainers and speakers use to deliver their content in relevant, meaningful and enjoyable ways. She is consumed by, and sometimes a little obsessive about finding ways to improve her own skill as a facilitator of learning, and is always keen to share what she learns with others.
That aside, what does she actually do? Well...

She teaches…

Linda’s speciality is developing emerging and new leaders. She takes the theory of leadership and breaks it down into practical day-to-day behaviours. She then uses engaging ways to get her message across, so that participants retain and apply what they’ve learned.

Linda is fascinated with the how-to’s of leadership. For example, if a team member is under-performing, we know that we should have the conversation, however she is more interested in working out how to have that conversation. What are the actual words that need to be said - and what should never be said, where and how do you say it and what do you do if the team member bursts into tears, accuses you of bullying and storms out.
Linda teaches everyday leadership in practice!

Check out the learning programmes that Linda has designed to develop BOLD! leadership skills. 

She speaks

Linda is a sought-after conference speaker throughout New Zealand. Described as inspirational and provocative, she speaks on life, learning and leadership. Some of her recent engagements include presentations at the National Tertiary Learning and Teaching Conference, the Gerontology Conference (twice!), UNITEC’s Big Day Out, the Clinical Nurse Specialists’ Conference and the Duty Managers’ Conference.

She mentors…

For those who want to really accelerate their leadership development, Linda offers one-to-one and small group leadership mentoring sessions. This is your personal opportunity to tap into her vast store of practical tactics and experience.