Lee-Ann Wann

Lee-Anne Wann is a fitness specialist, presenter, author and speaker best known as the Fitness Trainer from the Hit TV Show “Downsize Me” (www.downsize.tv) on air in 15 countries.
Lee-Anne's passion and focus is on inspiring and educating businesses and individuals towards better health, vitality and well-being. She has extensive accreditations and certifications in the health and fitness field, Iis a registered Personal Trainer with The New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals, a qualified Fitness Leader and Instructor, a certified Personal Trainer, Posture Analysis Specialist and have over 20 additional certifications including; Special Population Training, Functional Integrated Training, Core Strength Development, Youth Training, Flexibility Training & Assessment. 
Fitness and well-being are paramount to a good quality of life; they are key ingredients for us to simply function optimally as human-beings. With so much information out there that can often be confusing and contradictory; Lee-Anne educates & inspires people on how to make good fitness and nutrition choices for their needs and their goals allowing them to work solutions into their lifestyles.
Through customised seminars on topics ranging from; ‘What are you really Eating?’, ‘Fitting in Fitness at Work’, ‘Top Tips to Lose weight” to “Reprogramming your Body”,she is able to motivate and educate people to really making a difference in their lives and the lives of people around them.
You can book Lee-Anne to speak or run a company tailored fitness or nutrition session at your next conference or event