Kathy Tracey

Kathy Tracey, ocean rower, world record holder and businesswoman shares her formula for personal and professional victory.

Imagine being in an enclosed space 8 feet long, 5 feet wide and 4 feet deep with 3 other people. Then imagine you are in this space and all you can hear outside is the howling wind and driving rain of the tropical storm you are in the centre of. Now imagine that the space you are in is actually part of a rowing boat crossing the Atlantic Ocean, you are hundreds of miles from land and you are being thrown about by huge waves and battered by gale force winds...

The 2005 Atlantic Rowing Race was the roughest race on record. The crews were battered by huge seas and storms and only half of the boats that started the race managed to complete the challenge that year. There were more than 20 capsizes, 3 boats attacked by sharks, 6 complete retirements with boats abandoned at sea, and countless injuries and mishaps. 

Mission Atlantic was crewed by 4 women who spent 67 days at sea battling the elements and their own demons to emerge as race winners - and for their efforts were awarded a Guinness World Record for the first women fours crew to cross any ocean unassisted.

Kathy Tracey was one of the crew, she is a keynote speaker, businesswoman, systemic team coach and trainer and shares her experiences with humour and candour.  She describes herself as a bit overweight and a bit undertall, and says that she is living proof that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

Kathy’s key themes are: Teamwork and Collaboration; Self Belief and Confidence; Pushing past (or through) Discrimination; Being Brave; and Discipline gets Results.