John Shackleton

John Shackleton speaks on Resilience in Business

John Shackleton speaks about Resilience in Business. And he knows his subject well. He has coached sport at the highest level and worked with CEO's from some of the World's largest companies. 

Success in sport and in business has one thing in common - Resilience.

Someone with resilience will recover and bounce back quickly from adversity but a person without resilience is likely to buckle under pressure, run away from a problem or act defensively or aggressively to protect their position.

The ALL BLACKS have been training themselves in resilience for many years now. If you watch closely during a game you'll notice they use some simple mindfulness techniques when they've suffered a setback or had a try scored against them.

Professional sports people understand how important it is to zero their mind after experiencing a setback. They realize that playing the game focusing on recent mistakes or worrying about the next play, is extremely ineffective.

Winning in sport requires the mind to be totally focused on the present moment and this is why so many professional teams today are using
resilience training to help them succeed. Can resilience training be used in business?

Resilience is the fastest growing area of training in the business world today and many of the worlds top companies are investing heavily in this type of staff development. This is because people who develop resilience:

• Have a strong sense of purpose and are self-driven.
• Focus on what they can control so they solve problems and make
informed decisions quickly.
• Have a high sense of self-worth and autonomy.
• Have empathy and compassion for others and so create strong,
respectful relationships.
• Manage their feelings and emotions and act calmly when stressed.

By developing resilience not only will your people perform better and achieve more but they will also show greater loyalty to your organization and so your staff retention levels will improve. This is because you are helping them to cope with high stress levels, improve their mental wellbeing and you’re helping them find more purpose and more happiness.

If Resilience strategy works for the All Blacks, you can be sure that it will work for your team too.

As a result:
• People’s confidence and self-worth increases.
• They become skilled at staying calm under pressure.
• Their communication skills (particularly listening and empathy)
• They stay focused longer on their targets and goals.
• They become more open, more optimistic and more creative.
It’s no wonder Resilience and Mindfulness training has become so popular in
today’s business world and it is now regarded as the ’go to’ topic for
improving staff wellbeing.

John will work with you to ensure that his presentation is exactly right for your organization.