Joe Bennett

Joe Bennett is outrageous. He has a point of view on everything and it's very irreverent. Joe is a newspaper columnist and a respected author. He has twice been voted columnist of the year at Qantas Media Awards.
Joe Bennett was born in England.  He went to Cambridge University and then, for want of any better ideas, taught English in Spain, France, Canada and, from 1987, in New Zealand. 
He won Columnist of the Year at the 1998 Qantas Media Awards and since leaving Cambridge has taught English in a variety of safe countries, including Canada and New Zealand. He current resides in Lyttelton.
Joe blasts every topic with the limpid comic prose which has led to his columns being syndicated throughout New Zealand and induced international publishers Simon and Schuster to publish 2 collection of his columns, “Fun Run and Other Oxymorons” and “Bedside Lovers and Other Goats”, throughout the rest of the English-speaking world. Now a freelance writer, Joe appears with regular irregularity on television and National Radio and weekly on national TV on TV One’s “Breakfast”.
Last time we checked Joe had written 14 books, compilations of his regular columns. “Just Walking the Dogs”, “Sleeping Dogs and Other Lies”, “So Help Me Dog”, “Sit and Barking”, “Dogmatic”, “Doggone” and “Unmuzzled”. And - has recently released two new books — the first, Land of Two Halves, tells about his experiences hitch-hiking from one end of the New Zealand to the other. The second, due for publication in June 2006, is about his experiences hitch-hiking around England.
Joe Bennett is a delightful after dinner speaker who captivates his audience with down to earth Kiwi humour. As an MC he says he's even better as he has full rein to orchestrate the entire proceedings. Whichever way you choose to utilise Joe's talents you will not be disappointed.
In summary;
Joe Bennett is an English-born travel writer and columnist who lives in New Zealand with dogs.    His columns are syndicated in newspapers throughout New Zealand.   He has published nine collections of columns in New Zealand with Hazard Press and two worldwide with Simon & Schuster UK.   Simon and Schuster UK have also published 'A Land of Two Halves', the story of a journey around New Zealand, and 'Mustn't Grumble', the story of a journey around England in the footsteps of H.V.Morton
Eyes Right (and They's Wrong)
A Land of Two Halves
Bedside Lovers (and other goats)
Sleeping Dogs and Other Lies
Fun Run and Other Oxymorons
Love, Death, Washing-up, Etc 
Mustn't Grumble
Down Boy
So Help Me Dog!
Just Walking the Dogs