Jim Hopkins

Jim Hopkins is a wonderfully witty after dinner speaker, celebrity debater and one of New Zealand's top MC's. He is known for his wit and clever use of humour relating to everyday observations. He is particularly at home in the rural setting.

After 21 years as the live event host of The National Bank Young Farmer competition, Jim Hopkins, is hanging up his vocal chords and calling it a day. Jim says the 2011 competition will be his last. “It’s sad,“ he says, “but I’ve always known the day would come. I raised it with a previous Contest Manager and again last year with the NZYF CEO and the time seems right now. When you bump into Young Farmers who were babies when their dads were competing, it’s probably time for a trip to the works, so to speak.”

An hilarious after dinner speaker, Jim Hopkins is famous (or infamous) throughout New Zealand as a broadcaster, columnist, author, debater and, believe it or not, local body politician. Although not always obvious at Council meetings, where important matters like potholes and dog licences tend to dominate, his ability to make people laugh has made him one of this country's most sought-after humorous speakers.

Jim has spent a large part of his working life in and around the electronic media – as a radio talkback host and, on TV, as a scriptwriter, interviewer, journalist and presenter on a wide range of documentary, news and current affairs programmes. He’s also still remembered as a popular participant in TV’s very funny BNZ Festival Debate series. In demand as a speaker and debater for more than 30 years, Jim’s energy and wit mean he is also one of New Zealand's top MC's who, in addition to working regularly (and repeatedly) with many leading local companies and organisations, has also MC’d numerous conferences in Australia and others in Fiji, Hawaii, Singapore and Hong Kong.

With his background in media and politics and a reputation for researching his audience thoroughly, he can pretty much turn his hand to any subject or topic – except fashion and full-body waxing – so if you’re looking for someone a little bit ‘different’ then Jim’s the man for your next conference of seminar. Not only is he a delightfully endearing, quick-witted character but most important of all, he needs the money. And remember! If you do hire him, you’re not just getting a speaker or MC, you’re also getting a journalist, television presenter, debater, scriptwriter, radio host, author and thoroughly boring local government Councillor! Not so much a man as a team, really!

AND there's more! Just to show how really versatile Jim Hopkins is, his first book "Blokes and Sheds", released August 1998 hit Number One on the Best Seller list after only one week.