Jeremy Elwood

Jeremy Elwood has proven himself as one of New Zealand's top comedians. Winner: Best Male Comedian, Best MC, Most Inspiring Performer, Best Festival Show - 2003 NZ Comedy Guild Awards, Best MC, 2001 NZ Comedy Guild Awards

Jeremy live

Jeremy Elwood is a star of the New Zealand stand up comedy circuit! Combining topical thought, social commentary, political satire and even original music, Jeremy has headlined comedy clubs in Australia, Singapore, the UK, Canada, and throughout New Zealand. 

Jeremy was born in Canada, raised in the UK and is a resident New Zealand for the last two decades. He has performed his combination of biting social commentary with music and song, all around the world, but we all know he's a kiwi at heart! 

A regular contributor to Radio New Zealand’s The Panel, and TV3’s 7 Days, Jeremy has also been seen on Pulp Comedy, The Big Comedy Gala, Aotearo-ha! and many other local television, radio and stage productions, as well as The World Stands Up in the UK and USA. His solo shows, from 2001’s Live From The Shadows to 2012’s Time Bomb have been critical and commercial successes at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe, Dunedin Fringe and Wellington Fringe. He has also performed at two Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, as a stand up and musician. 

A nominee for the Billy T Comedy awards in 2001 and 2005 Jeremy was awarded Best MC and Best Industry Friend for his services to colleagues. In 2006 Jeremy was awarded the Gag of the Year Award by the NZ Comedy Guild and he has been nominated nine times for 'Best Male Comedian' at the New Zealand Comedy Guild Awards, winning twice, as well as numerous wins in categories such as 'Best MC'.

Jeremy has also written his own play and performed for United Nations peacekeepers stationed in East Timor. Jeremy's first solo show 'Live from The Shadows' was critically acclaimed and performed to audiences in Auckland and Wellington. 

Wherever he is performing, Jeremy's stage presence just can't be ignored!