Jax Hamilton

With her much-loved style, flair and cheeky sense of humour, Jax Hamilton needs little introduction.


She won the hearts of the nation in the second series of MasterChef, and has since set a hectic pace. She has been a guest at numerous high-profile events and makes regularly appears on TV One's Good Morning. She features on the Countdown supermarket adverts and in-store promotions with the Feed Four for $15 Campaign.

As a busy mother, cook, author and business woman, Jax likes her dishes to have all the wow without all the work. She is known for preparing dishes that are simple, delicious and full of flavour. Never moving too far from the regular pantry ingredients, with a handful of fresh herbs on the side, she likes to allow for a bucket load of creativity. Jax is happiest when she can present a dish in which one can recognise the original ingredients.

Jax is an inspirational cook, who loves to blend a bit of cockney with a pinch of the Caribbean, all served up on a Kiwi plate. You’ll always find her in the kitchen at parties!

Her first book, Jax Cooks was published in 2012; her most recent release, Union Jax, hit shelves in 2014.

In her keynote presentations, Jax shares an inspirational story about starting over and the amazing Masterchef journey. She can also host cooking demonstrations, which are full of hints and handy tips for cooking in today’s fast paced lifestyle. She is a big fan of using fresh and seasonal ingredients, which helps the purse strings and gives audiences easy and delicious meal ideas.