Ilona Rodgers

When people think of Ilona Rodgers they think of "The Sullivans", "Gloss" and "Marlin Bay", which graced our screens for many sucessful episodes. Today Ilona is one of New Zealand's most talented Master of Ceremonies and after dinner speakers.
This extremely talented actress has even the most difficult audience hanging on  her every word - and loving it.
Born and educated in England, Ilona Rodgers played in numerous repertory theatres all over England, alongside many of 'the greats' who featured in television series such as "The Avengers", “The Beverley Hillbillies”, "Dr Who" and "The Saint".  In 1973 she arrived in New Zealand and began working for Television New Zealand on "Close to Home" and "Hunters Gold" as well as performing with the Mercury Theatre in Auckland.
Ilona moved to Australia in 1978 and featured for the next six years on Australian television in series such as "The Sullivans", "Prisoner", "1915", and The Anzacs".  She also made several feature films.
On returning to New Zealand in 1985 Ilona returned to live theatre and worked for Mercury and Theatre Corporate.  She also presented a highly acclaimed one woman show, "Kidstuff".  Her work on television continued, including acting as Master of Ceremonies for shows such as "The Face of the '80's" and the leading role in the TVNZ Soap Opera "Gloss" and "The Billy T James Show".
In 1990 she appeared in a one woman show, "Shirley Valentine", at the Mercury Theatre as well as "Black Beauty" and "The Billy T James Show" on TV3.  Ilona then starred in locally made series such as "Marlin Bay" and "Gold".
In 1994 Ilona starred in the Aotea Centre production "By Degrees", by Roger Hall, which showed her incredible versatility as a middle aged housewife attending University and the encumbant social pressures, and "Three Tall Women" by Edward Albe.
Never one to lean on her laurels, Ilona decided 1995 would be a good year to become a Television Director and went back to being the "new kid on the block" to learn the skills of Directing. Don't be surprised if you see Ilona's name appear on Shortland Street or any of the other New Zealand made productions this time behind the scenes.
If you are looking for a very witty, very polished and very appropriate after dinner speaker or MC, then consider Ilona Rodgers.
Notable TV guest appearances:
"Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" (1995)
"Don't Tell Me" (1989) 
"The Beverly Hillbillies (1962
"The Saint" (1962) 
"The Avengers" (1961) 
"Doctor Who" (1963) 
"The Avengers" (1961)
"Emergency-Ward 10" (1957) 
"Night of the Red Hunter" (1989) 
"Gloss" (1987) 
"The Far Country" (1986) (TV)
"Anzacs" (1985) (mini) 
"Sons and Daughters" (1981)
"1915" (1982) (mini) 
"Sara Dane" (1982) (TV) 
"Outbreak of Love" (1981) (TV) .
"Prisoner" (1979) 
"The Sullivans" (1976) 
"Salt and Pepper" (1968)
"Snow Treasure (1967)