Hugo Meares

Hugo has been pitched to, has lead winning tenders and knows what works. He understands how to win pitches using proven, strategic, persuasive techniques.

Hugo is a pitch doctor, trainer and speaker. He graduated from Auckland University in 1991 with a Master of Commerce in Marketing and International Business and a Bachelor of Arts in Indonesian.

For the next decade, Hugo’s business career took him first to Sydney where he worked in a strategic marketing role with Bristol Myers Squibb. He then ‘jumped the fence’ into advertising and accepted a position as Client Service Director with Grey in Jakarta. Three years and an Asian Crisis later, Hugo then took a role with the head office of Michelin Asia Pacific based in Singapore where he worked across Asia leading the regional communications team.

In 2001, Hugo returned to New Zealand and commenced a career as a pitch doctor, trainer and speaker. His coaching skills were expanded in 2007 when he become an NLP Practitioner.

In 2008, he further improved his training skills by attaining a National Certificate in Adult Education and Training (NCAET).

Now running his own business, Hugo assists organisations to grow revenue by pitching, training and speaking at conferences. He has developed an impressive client list in a range of industries including construction, energy, finance, consumer goods, packaging, insurance and information technology