Holly Budge

Everest Summiteer and First Woman to Skydive Everest, Holly Budge, is an energetic and engaging motivational speaker who speaks passionately about her diverse achievements in the outdoors.

Holly’s passion for adventure is evident with two world records under her belt so far including racing semi-wild horses 1000 kms across Mongolia in just 9 days. She works as a big mountain expedition leader in the Himalayas and has successfully led a team on the technical Ama Dablam (6812m) in Nepal and made the first ascent in the Mongolian Altai Mountains.

Tedx Talk

Holly has helped raise over £300k for a diverse range of charities through her adventures, including for her own award-winning charity ‘How Many Elephants’.

Holly feels strongly about the capability yet lack of women in the mountains and is passionate about championing the potential of all women. Through the lens of adventure, her vision is to empower others to become strong, independent individuals who live with purpose and confidence, who embrace fear in order to overcome obstacles and to encourage the role of leadership. A fundamental aspect of managing barriers is having role models who can actively demonstrate that barriers can be overcome. Holly is a testament to this.

Holly was quite literally on top of the world when she summited Mount Everest and used her sponsored expedition to raise awareness and funds for anti-poaching projects in Africa. Few people know that 96 African elephants are poached each day for their ivory. At this astonishing rate, they will be extinct in the wild in the next decade. Holly is using design to bridge the gap between scientific data and human connection.

Holly supports three direct action initiatives working on the front line of conservation in Africa. These include the Black Mambas, South Africa’s all-female anti-poaching team. Recently Holly immersed herself with the Black Mambas to intimately learn what drives and motivates these pioneering women to pursue their multifaceted roles as frontline protectors, educators, and beacons of hope.

Holly’s themes include:

SELF-BELIEF & DETERMINATION. Life can teach us to limit our self-belief. We need to THINK BIG, DREAM BIGGER and surround ourselves with like-minded others.

NURTURING PASSION. Passion is the golden key to success and fulfillment. It drives us to achieve our biggest dreams.

POSITIVE ACTIVE THINKING. Dance to the beat of your own drum. We are in control of our mindsets. This is one of the only things we truly do have control of.

GOOD DECISION MAKING. On a mountain, good decision making could be the difference between life and death. It is important to back yourself to make good solid decisions in the outdoors and in life.

DREAMS ARE REAL. There is power and magic in turning your ambitions into destinations, starting with learning how to break down big ideas into bite-sized, manageable chunks and act on them.

PUSHING YOUR LIMITS. To push your limits you first have to test your limits. It is truly exhilarating to push yourself harder than ever before and discover you have more stamina, determination, and resilience than you ever would have thought.


"Holly pushes boundaries – and then some" - Red Bull