Greg Ward

Greg Ward is the most prominent business MC in the New Zealand conference and events market and is fast gaining recognition within Australia.


Greg Ward is the most prominent business MC in the New Zealand conference and events market and is fast gaining recognition within Australia. Greg's approach is professional, well-prepared and engaging, commanding audience attention with sincerity and humour as appropriate to the occasion.


As a professional MC and highly-effective communicator, Greg works closely with you to create an effortless flow to your event. With over 13 years experience in the conference & events industry, including corporate and association conferencing, gala dinners, awards evenings, product launches and road-shows, Greg shares his expertise with you and your team to make your event even more memorable.

Greg's services appeal strongly to corporations & associations who engage in conferencing in the pacific region, and SME management ready to engage in a thought-provoking exploration of business creativity to maximise their company's potential for accelerated growth.

Whether in his role as MC or a dynamic and informative keynote speaker, Greg has the skill, the experience and the client list to match. Creativity is the cornerstone of Greg's business and he presents cutting-edge thinking on how companies can harness the power of their staff's creative abilities to increase the potential for their organisation's success. Engaging and thought-provoking, Greg challenges you to find the innovative edge.

Greg knows just what it takes to connect with your audience, and his many year's of study and professional experience across the creative arts and in business (including IT, 'Big 6' accountancy firms and the military) gives solid credibility to his message. Or perhaps you are looking for a wow-factor corporate entertainer?

Greg's long association with the stage, film, TV and music industries also enables him to offer a number of high-quality and well-designed corporate entertainment shows. 

Greg's repertoire includes;

Hoax Presentation - After Dinner Speaker

 30-40 minute Keynote presentation as a German professional from your equivalent industry. Starting with the character running late with a sorry tale of security issues, late flights, baggage loss and confused taxi drivers, the presentation is tailored to the client including relevant industry information.  Great fun, and can touch on actual industry issues in a humourous way.

Off the Cuff - Musical Comedy Show

 40-45 minute after-dinner show of music, opera, comedy, audience interaction, improvised made-up-on-the-spot songs and specially-written songs for the client.  This is Greg's most-booked show.

Ideally combined with an MC role, this can be presented in two parts - an early 15-minute or so piece between entree and main, and a 30-ish minute after-dinner piece, or a single after dinner show of around 45 mins.

 One Night Only

 A similar show to Off the Cuff, but more of a focus on the musical side of Greg's career, including musical theatre pieces, opera etc.  Can be enhanced with a visual presentation as part of the performance.

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