Glen Osborne

Former All Black and now Police officer Glen Osborne continues to inspire and entertain

You may have seen former All Black Glen Osborne's off-field talents being used to line-up against the visiting 2017 British and Irish Lions in a bid to out-sing touring supporters.

In a campaign which went viral on the internet, the classic Maori song Tutira Mai was used as our rallying cry to drown out Lions supporters in the stands. Watch it here

The All Black video features the musical talents - and humour - of All Black great Osborne who has since retrained as a police officer.

Motivated and determined, Glen Osborne has made it to the top by setting All Black status as his goal and working until he made it. His success as a businessman shows his skills as a people person. Glen loves working with people and has a highly successful insurance business. He still 'gets his hands dirty' in the office, meets personally with clients to plan their insurance and investment needs and makes every effort to follow through directly and keep in contact.

Glen can identify with hard work and making hard work pay off. His stories of determination to make the All Black squad for South Africa and the Chiefs are inspiring for a wide variety of audiences and can show the many parallels between succeeding in sport and the business world. 

Glen is also a family man. Married with two children, he ensures he spends time with his family and includes them in many of the activities he does. In addition to his Policing duties, his priorities include a fulfilling home life and he will not sacrifice this for anything.

Looking forward to a challenging period ahead, Glen can share with you the way in which he sets and goes about achieving his goals, the funny bits and the very serious times on the field; training, before, during and after a match, in the dressing room and in the club chewing the fat after it's all over – or perhaps it's more a case of planning for the next one. How he manages to fit in a full time rugby career, owning a busy insurance business and being a full time husband and father is worth checking out. 

Enjoy Glen's easy style: his integrity and sincerity, his sharp mind and intelligence, his sense of humour and most of all the stories and lessons he has to share.

You will take something special away from a session with Glen Osborne – he is one of the good guys out there. He can relate to the tough times and give you some inspiration to 'go get em'. He is easy to work with, relaxed and modest about his achievements and happy to share his time and experiences.