Geoffrey Vautier

Geoff Vautier is an international business speaker, based in Wellington.Geoff’s professional training is in Accounting, predominatelyas a Financial Controller / Chief Financial Officer in commercial businesses.
Geoff Vautier is an international business speaker, based in Wellington, New Zealand.Geoff’s professional training is in Accounting, and most of his working life has been spent as a Financial Controller / Chief Financial Officer in commercial businesses. Don’t let the accounting thing cloud your views: Geoff definitely does not conform to the typical accounting stereotype you might expect.Geoff has been running international ‘80/20’ (“How to discover the nuggets of gold buried in your business”), ‘Day 3 reporting’ (How to complete monthly accounts by day 3 of the new month), “Pricing (How to increase prices and keep the customer, based on his book of the same name)” and ‘Excel’ ( 99 Excel tips and techniques for busy people) seminars since the year 2000.

In a recent full-day event in Florida, USA Geoff came on stage dressed in a white tuxedo, waistcoat made in the design of New Zealand’s national flag, bare feet, and painted toes, and played a Grand Piano specially hired for the occasion. All in the interests of illustrating the skills necessary to get to Carnegie Hall, and how this example relates to understanding 80/20 principle a little better.

Geoff’s interest in 80/20 was sparked when he undertook an analysis of a sick business and found it could have increased its profits by another 60%, if only it could have understood which clients and products were the most important and most profitable, and which customers and products were costing it early.

One thing lead to another and Geoff hooked up with the international guru of 80/20, Mr Richard Koch. Richard is the author of “The 80/20 Principle – The Secret of achieving more with less”, which has sold around 1,000,000 copies in 31 languages worldwide. Since the year 2000, Geoff and Richard have collaborated and often exchange ideas. Geoff, along with Richard Koch and Perry Marshall (of Adwords fame) are jointly running the first-ever 80/20 conference in Chicago, September 28-30th 2014. This is a high-end (USD7,500 ticket price) 3-day event which will focus on how to identify and grow the few businesses (<5%) that generate superior returns

A lot of Geoff’s work has involved pricing and costing. This lead to him writing his book (mentioned above) and developing his acclaimed topic ‘How to increase prices and keep the customer’. Geoff has presented this event internationally. A highlight was being asked to speak on this topic at the Global Speakers Federation (an organisation for speakers who speak internationally) conference in Vancouver, December 2013.

Geoff has now spoken in 6 overseas countries: Australia, UK, Fiji, Canada, USA, Brazil, and of course NZ.

Geoff’s other interest, Excel spreadsheets, dates back to a time before the PC was invented, when he developed financial models on mainframe computers. Geoff has a strong interest in understanding how businesses tick, and conveying that understanding in the form of financial models, so that managers can readily see how various scenarios will affect their business. Geoff is often described, by those who know such things, as one of the best ‘numbers people’ in New Zealand. Along the way Geoff has picked up a number of tips and techniques, which form the basis for his much admired Excel Tips series. Some 4,500+ people have attended his Excel seminars. This event alone has been presented over 135 times throughout Australasia.

These two passions have also combined to assist his third topic, Day-3 reporting. This is the concept that a business’s financial accounts can be prepared by the third working day of the month. This means that they have information that is current, and which can be used to make better decisions. There is no better example than Geoff’s sister Lynne, who owns and operates a chain of Pharmacies. Lynne has caught the day 3 reporting bug from Geoff (in fact with her it is day 1), and has her accounts prepared on the first working day. This has enabled her to grow her business exponentially, by being fully aware of how it is performing on a timely manner.

In all Geoff’s endeavours he brings practical business experience to his topics – he walks the talk - and shows how the ideas can be applied to business and personal success in a very practical way.