Geoff Knight

From bikie gang to the operatic stage


Geoff Knight is an expert at personal transformation and his life has been one of operatic proportions; an adopted child, overweight, bullied choirboy in small-town New Zealand, driven to become one of the youngest members of the notorious 'Highway 61' bikie gang. 

After a five year stint in the gang he almost lost everything in a near-death motorcycle accident. After this life-changing experience, Geoff dared to dream a new life for himself – a dream which has led him from working as a stunt man with Lucy Lawless in Xena, to gaining a Performing Arts degree and working professionally on stage and television, to the pivotal moment of being noticed by internationally renowned bass, Grant Dickson. An opportunity which has seen Geoff rediscover his voice and realise his true potential as an international tenor.

An experienced performer with a deep desire and commitment to inspire all he comes in contact with, Geoff delivers a very human and inspiring story of total transformation, overcoming adversity, discovering his passion for Opera, and breaking through limitations to achieve success as an international tenor. 

Geoff really connects with his audience and speaks openly about his formative years and the circumstances and events which led to him going from being the lead singer of his school choir to running off the rails and becoming the right hand man to the president of the largest motorcycle gang in New Zealand.

He then takes you on the almost unbelievable roller-coaster ride that was his life during his wilder years, sharing some of his experiences which you would only expect to read about in fiction or see on a movie screen; including how he mustered the courage to turn his life around and the price he had to pay to get out of the bikie gang alive!

With warmth, passion, and humour Geoff offers up his own journey of personal transformation and delivers a truly unique, authentic, entertaining, and inspiring story unlike any you will ever hear. He speaks candidly about confronting his demons and taking full responsibility for his life, while sharing his blueprint for creating lasting change and the steps he had to take to pursue his passion and make his dreams a reality. 

A powerful story of personal mastery in the pursuit of artistic excellence which incorporates some of the world's most beautiful and popular arias and songs from opera, musical theatre, and popular classical crossover.

Geoff stands up for what's possible and makes you believe that with determination, guidance, commitment, focus, and a little talent, the sky really is the limit!

Some of the key messages Geoff leaves an audience with are - 

• Outstanding results take practice, and we all possess the capacity to change our patterns of behaviour for the improvement of all...its better to do it before the compelling event.
• Achieving excellence is a way of life, it requires self awareness and a commitment to contributing your best always while constantly moving the goalposts.
• Get comfortable with high expectations and surround yourself by people who expect more of you than you do of yourself, because settling for less is selling out on your life.
• Being your best self is way more fun and it won’t get you arrested.
• You can either be a reaction waiting to happen, or choose who shows up.
• Being authentic takes courage, make sure you are heard and contribute, sing as loud as you can always.

As an inspirational motivational speaker to open or close your event or conference, the unique combination of Geoff Knight’s powerful and moving story, plus his beautiful tenor voice and superb singing; will leave your audience quite literally struck with awe!