Gary Hermansson

Gary is a leading figure in the helping and human service field in New Zealand, with over 35 years of active involvement in social work, psychotherapy, counselling, counsellor education and sport psychology.
Gary's most recent book on performance psychology Going Mental in Sport: Excelling Through Mind-Management, has recently been published. With more than 40 years of practical experience, Gary brings the speciality of performance psychology to businesses to develop the skills of leaders and leadership teams. He draws on his work with elite athletes to inject high performance thinking into leadership development. Gary’s energy and enthusiasm for achieving excellence reflects his experience working with teams at four Olympic and four Commonwealth Games and his role as Team Psychologist for the New Zealand Black Caps Cricket Team during nine international and four domestic tours.
Gary works with top executives and management teams developing their skills to function effectively under pressure and overcome psychological barriers to performance. He assists his clients to manage growth and change, and deal with their stress in productive ways. In addition, Gary helps leaders shape effective work units from granular to organisation-wide levels.
Gary has worked with a number of large institutions, including universities and the New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development, along with the New Zealand Olympic Committee and Equestrian Sport New Zealand.
Gary has led many experiential workshops both nationally and internationally and also presented in his field in New Zealand and at conferences in Australia, England, Russia, Canada, the USA and England.
After studying at Berkeley University in California, Gary completed a Diploma of Education, Master of Arts and Doctorate at Massey University in New Zealand, where he became a Professor, Head of Department of Health and Human Development and Director of Sport Sciences. Gary is a Registered Psychologist and an accredited Sport and Exercise Science Sport Psychologist and Mental Skills Trainer.