Ed Timings, Dr

Motivation, health and well-being

In this day and age, when health and well-being are in danger of becoming merely an industry, it is rare to meet a mentor who actually embodies their philosophy on life, Dr Edward Timings is that rare individual.

Dynamic presenter, chiropractor, disc jockey, Ironman, University tutor and international speaker, Edward is able to inform and inspire with his unique blend of life experience backed up with more than 20 years in the medical field.

After various personal tragedies and time in diabetic research Edward decided to accumulate his knowledge in a package that would not only educate but that could also inspire and make a difference in people's lives.

What began with local business soon became an international brand of health. The company Juggler Healthcare was developed as an organisation that helps people achieve balance in their busy lives and realise their potential. Juggler works with organisations to design health and well-being programmes that meet their business objectives and reflect their culture. This enables organisations to take control of their workplace issues by encouraging their people to take responsibility for their personal health and well-being.Life is also about juggling. Work, family, relationships, money and hopefully interests. We all need the tools necessary to keep life in balance - so we, like the Juggler, can maintain that happy smile.

Known as 'The Motivation Guru', Ed is able to give tips and suggestions that are easy to implement into day to day life.

Renowned for clinical reasoning and 18 years experience in chiropractic, Dr Edward Timings works with clients to develop an appreciation of the wider issues of health. A dynamic presenter, Ed creates an atmosphere of learning and understanding the balance needed to achieve full and healthy lives.

Topics include:

Co-operative Corporate Health & Wellness

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you brought together a group of outstanding professionals, all recognised as leaders in their respective fields of health, wellness and peak performance, and made them available to your employees? How valuable would such a team be to you, your staff and your organisation as a whole?

Stress Management

This is an interactive seminar that looks at Pressure, Stress and Coping Strategies. We look at chemicals of stress, how they make us react and how to balance them. The emphasis is on what can you do right now. Because every person reacts differently - each person has to understand themselves as an individual.