Don Tricker

Former coach of the World Champion Black Sox Softball team, now high performance role with the New Zealand Rugby Union.

Don Tricker is the highly successful and recognized former coach of the New Zealand Black Sox Softball team. Don started his career with the New Zealand Black Sox as a player from 1987 to 1991. He was part of the team when they attended and won the Silver Medal at the 1988 World Series.

In 1998 Don was appointed Head Coach of the New Zealand Black Sox team and led the team to the 2000 World Series where they won Gold. The same year Don received the Halberg Coach of the Year award. He was again Head Coach when the Black Sox made history in 2004, by becoming the first team ever to win three consecutive Softball World Championships.

Don has also spent 18 years in the Information Technology industry where his various roles covered Business Analysis, Project Management and IT Strategic Planning. His business career experience compliments his sporting career and visa versa, as Don takes the approach that both are of the same principal – “each one is striving to build a team to achieve the same outcome,” says Don.

In 2002 Don was appointed to the position of Senior Advisor of High Performance Coaching for Sport and Recreation New Zealand (SPARC). He also spends some afternoons coaching softball to entry level children in Porirua, his own home town.

Don retired as coach of the Black Sox in July 2004, to concentrate on his family and apply a greater focus on his job with SPARC.

In 2011 he co-author a review into the All Blacks' failed 2007 World Cup campaign, following which he was asked to to join the New Zealand Rugby Union in a high performance role.

Don’s strength is in understanding and getting the best out of people. He strives for excellence by focusing on the basics and believes that continuous improvement is a building process that leads us to realizing our visions. He has the ability to understand team dynamics, to build teams and to get each individual team member to take ownership of what their goal is as a team.