Di Foster

Di was diagnosed with terminal cancer. But she survived to tell the story. If telling it makes your world a bit better, then it might just all make sense.

Watch Di's story in her own words 

It started when Di was 31. The doctor confirmed, “You have a very large tumor in a very small breast.”

She followed the medical advice. Chemo + radiotherapy a full mastectomy with no reconstruction. She dodged a bullet. At least that’s what I thought.

At 37, she was told she had terminal secondary breast cancer which had metastasised in her lungs. That was bad! They said she might have 12 months - zero chance of surviving 18 months.

She was told, “Go home and put your affairs in order.”

This time, her instincts told here to reject treatment. Instead, she decided to embark on a 365-day of happiness.

She had learned that her greatest hardships brought her greatest lessons, so she said to herself, “Strap yourself in Di. And learn.”

She decided to spend the last year embracing death, not fighting cancer. She decided to spend it being happy and present in her life and living as naturally as she could for as long as she possibly could.

After 12 months, her husband declared. “You’re a pain in the @ss again. You must be better.”

So Di said, let’s have a baby. And less than a month later, she felt the greatest joy of her life when that stick when bright blue.

She started to dare to think about the future. “If I don’t make it another nine months, then at least I won’t die alone. That’s pretty amazing.”

And then she thought, “Maybe I could get far enough that the baby could go on without me.”

And then….then she had another idea: “What if I could see this child’s first birthday?”

It was a simple question, not a determination or a decision or a goal or an intention. Just a wondering.

Her son is now six. There is no sign of cancer in her body.

Now Di is living her life + telling her story. If it helps others see their lives in a different way then maybe it will all start to make sense and she will be able to understand why she survived.

What you get when you book Di to speak is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary story. It’s not a story about cancer. It’s not a talk about health and wellness. It’s a story about living and life. And that’s why it’s relatable to any audience.

​Her goal is to make the audience feel alive, to know there is hope and to leave with a new determination to live from their heart. She doesn't deliver a formula. She delivers her story.

Di is not a celebrity speaker. No fancy language.

You can expect to cry and laugh. You can expect some swearing. Everybody wants a seed of hope. Everybody wants to believe that life’s not shit.

What people are saying...

I have been a speaker for over 12 years and have in that time heard many other great speakers but I have to say yours was the best speech I have ever heard. You are incredible how you articulate your story - so so powerful.

Lisa Tamati - Running Hot Coaching + Ultra-Marathon Runner