David Niethe

Dave is known for his high energy and exhilarating on stage presence, he has the ability to connect with a crowd and deliver a message that will truly inspire.

Mental Performance and Getting that Mental Edge is Dave’s specialty, he has an approach that is unique in delivery and the results speak for themselves. David Niethe on Sevensharp talking about Lydia Ko

With over 20 years  in the Industry, trained  overseas by the very best in the business he talks the talk – walks the walk,  to help  his clients break through mental barriers.

Well respected by many Business Owners, CEO’s and NZ’s High Performance Managers, Coaches and Athletes, Dave works closely with individuals and Teams to perfect their Mental Aptitude to achieve results.

A passion for sports and personally competing at an elite level in his own sports pursuits;  Rowing, Rugby, Highland Games, NZ Strongman Competitor where he set new records, Dave knows the mental challenges that lay ahead and what it takes not only physically but mentally to stay at the top of your game time and time again.

Dave is passionate when it comes to seeing his clients achieve. This has led to incredible achievements for both coach and client and has seen Dave become highly sought after, not only with one on one coaching, team coaching but also seminars and guest speaking.

A significant and memorable achievement for Dave was assisting in developing two World No 1’s, Ceclia Cho and the current World No 1 Lydia Ko.

Dave is the current GPC master’s power lifting champion.

David’s certifications are recognized with the American Board of Neuro Linguistics.

  • Master NLP Practitioner (ABNLP)
  • Master Time Line Therapist (ABTL)
  • Master Hypnotherapist (ABH)

David’s favourite quote is

“Perception is Projection”, what you think is what you get!

Client feedback (One of many)

We wanted our people to move away from being a passenger and to stop relying on others to manage their career planning; we wanted them to look towards taking Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility.

David’s style was very direct and in some cases shocked our people in to conversations that lasted well beyond the conference, and even 4 months on his words are often referred to when having career conversations.

I don’t know what we will do at next year’s conference as David is a hard act to follow!!!

Adrienne Duarte


Dave has worked with many athletes and coaches over the years, including:

NZ Breakers

World No1 Lydia Ko

NZ Olympic Weight Lifting Team

NZ Crossfit Champions

Counties Manukau Rugby Academy

NZ Powerlifters

Softball NZ

North Harbour Volley Ball

Auckland Rugby League Teams

National Track and Field Champions

NZ Ski Champions

Swimming Boxing

Skycity Mystics

Mu Thai

Professional golfers

Counties Manuakau sports, Coach the Coaches

Auckland Rowing Club

Tennis Players

NZ navy personal trainers

NZ Canoe – NZ Paddle Black