Dave Upfold

The world's worst motivational speaker and the World's fastest stage hypnotist/comedien

Dave in action

Everyone knows that Dave as the funniest stage hypnotist in the business, that know he raises hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for organisations and has done shows in just about every town in New Zealand BUT they may not know that Dave also sees himself as a motivational speaker.

Dave has heard every motivational cliche known to man and has used most of them in his speaking career. BUT Dave has not had enough! No more cliches, no more positivity, Dave intends to tell it as it is.

Maybe he does know something about motivation. After all, he was the Mayor of his town in South Africa, he was an endurance athlete and has built businesses in South Africa and New Zealand.

He takes every trusted formula, good idea and motivational classic and turns them inside-out.  It is absolutely fresh, totally unique and audiences love it.

  • The funniest, freshest business approach yet
  • All his own material, fresh and vibrant.
  • Leave an audience charged, especially the cynics.


Dave reckons that by lowering your expectations, you actually increase your chances of coming out ahead!

Dave shows how thinking negatively is a lot easier than thinking positively, how the fear actually works to ensure success. How being yourself and doing it your way is actually better for everyone in the end.

OK, yes it is tongue in cheek - or is it?

Dave has been very successful in business and sports so maybe he's on to something. Either way for the first time he acknowledges the majority of your audience who are fed up with being "motivated".

Maybe it's worth a try.