Brett Rutledge

The most entertaining business speaker you will ever hear.

Everything we do is a product of the quality of our thinking. Every success and every new opportunity is a result of questioning our assumptions, asking proof of others’ claims and testing our conclusions.

Brett Rutledge is the youngest ever World Champion of Public Speaking and an internationally regarded communication expert. He is a key advisor and confidante to some of the best-known names and faces in both the business and entertainment worlds as well as the communication strategist behind some of the most important commercial deals undertaken in Australasia.

As Co-Founder and Head of Analysis at Think Actual – a world leader in the science of behavioural analytics – Brett believes that flawed thinking is the real enemy of success.

Too often our thinking is biased, uninformed or distorted. Too often we adopt the ideas and practices of others without ever critically evaluating their suitability or even their legitimacy. Too often we enthusiastically act on our own ideas without ever questioning how we got there or if they still apply. Too often we continue to do things the way we have always done them for no other reason than that is the way we have always done them. We don’t engage in independent thought.

The emerging science of behavioural analytics is offering leaders a revealing insight in to their business that is accurate, nuanced and practical. It is stripping away assumptions and biases to reveal a new way of thinking that fundamentally changes the conversation both internally and externally.

Every business in the world is currently wasting money, time and effort trying to communicate, market or implement strategies and metrics that are built on flawed thinking. Brett can show you how the smallest change in that thinking can create better leaders and build a better business.


Better leadership – the communication challenge
Good leadership requires good communication and good communication requires an understanding of the principles that underpin it.

Unfortunately, when it comes to communication, our thinking is flawed. Much of what we think we know about communication in business is simply not true. Much of what we have been taught in presentation, media or sales training may have given us confidence but it has not made us better. Most of us can’t even define effective communication let alone achieve it.

Brett Rutledge is a World Champion of Public Speaking and a leading expert in effective communication. He will show you how good structure is more important than good delivery, being yourself is more important than being slick, and how anyone can be an effective communicator once you know how.

Better business - the science of winning
There is more to being a champion than simply surrounding yourself with champions or copying their methods and behaviours. That kind of thinking, though common, is flawed.

It is not the behaviour itself but the thinking that goes on behind it that makes the difference. Drawing from his own experience as a World Champion and applying the science of behavioural analytics to hundreds of others, Brett Rutledge will show you exactly what goes on in the top two inches of the world’s best performers and reveal the four critical factors that drive their success.
It is not what you expect and the implications for your own performance and leadership are both profound and inspiring.

Better thinking – metrics that matter
Organisations invest huge amounts of money and time attempting to measure past and future performance. The ability to know how well we have performed up until now and what we need to do to get better is critical to success. However, much of the thinking behind some of the world’s most popular performance metrics is fatally flawed. If you are in recruitment, sales, customer service or human resources then you are likely to be a victim of that flawed thinking.

Brett Rutledge will share the latest from the world of science and behavioural analytics to show you the often frightening and hilarious origins of accepted standard practice, which metrics work, which don’t, and which ones may actually be hurting performance.

Better business – stories that go viral
Referral marketing and viral marketing are incredibly powerful strategies to generate new business but most referral systems amount to nothing more than sophisticated begging.

The most valuable referral is not someone else giving out your name and number – it is someone telling someone else your story!

Everyone wants satisfied customers telling other people how much they like their business, product, service, or event but most customers don’t do it because word of mouth is not a product of how satisfied a customer is… it’s a product of how interesting you are!

We are all predisposed to sharing interesting experiences. Brett Rutledge applies the emerging science of behavioural analytics to show how we are all predisposed to sharing interesting experiences. Learn how to cultivate referrals by creating compelling, memorable experiences that people can’t help but share.

Better thinking – negotiation, influence and the science of argument

The ability to communicate and articulate our point of view is perhaps the most important skill that anyone can master. Being able to make your point is the key to influencing the views of others and absolutely critical to a successful outcome in negotiation. There is a widespread belief that such influence is a function of personality. There is another school of thought that claims there are secret techniques that can win over anyone. Both of these are examples of flawed thinking.

The reason so many of us struggle to articulate our point of view is that we haven’t fully realized that point of view in the first place. The rest is simply a matter of understanding how to build an argument.

Brett Rutledge will draw on the findings of behavioral analytics and his own experience as a World Champion of Public Speaking to teach the key questions that need to be asked to formulate a point of view and how to structure a passionate and reasoned argument that backs it up.