Brendhan Lovegrove

Even fellow comedians acknowledge the genius of Brendhan Lovegrove

Brendhan at 2016 New Zealand Comedy Festival

Brendhan Lovegrove is arguably the most dangerously talented standup comedian in New Zealand. Brendhan’s television appearances include countless spots on New Zealand’s foremost standup show 'Pulp Comedy', the last series of which he hosted. In the UK he featured on 'Live at Jongleurs' in two television episodes. He also featured on Australian television in the Gala telecast as part of the Sydney Cracker Comedy Festival 2006.

Brendhan’s manic physical presence combined with a sureness of delivery and material that can, at once, be described as verging on the psychotic side of human nature, has delighted and, indeed, frightened audiences throughout New Zealand.

He returned to NZ in 2006 after living and working for three years in the United Kingdom, where he performed as the headline act (for the most part) in all the main comedy clubs including Jongleurs, The Comedy Store, The Glee Club and Up the Creek.

In 1998 Brendhan was the recipient of the Billy T Award for Comedy in New Zealand. After winning that prestigious award he travelled and performed at international comedy festivals throughout the world including Scotland, Canada and England. Brendhan returned home annually to contribute his own show for the New Zealand Laugh Festival and is now living back downunder.

In 2006 Brendhan was judged New Zealand's Best Stand-up Comedian at the Oddfellows NZ International Comedy Festival. Brendhan has also entertained audiences with a guest spot on Rove Live.

Brendhan was named Best Male Comedian in the 2009 and 2010 NZ Comedy Guild Awards - a huge honour reflecting his talent and contribution to the industry over the years.