Billy Graham

One of New Zealand's best loved motivational speakers. The "skipping rope" man.

A world-class international speaker, Billy Graham is New Zealand’s best-loved motivator and fitness adviser.

Bold, humorous and brimming over with energy and enthusiasm, Billy is passionate about inspiring people to increase their potential. He stresses the importance of combining a healthy body with a healthy attitude and of making the most of every opportunity, talking to a wide cross-section of businesses on how they can increase performance levels in the workplace.

Billy has spoken at some of the most prestigious guest platforms in the world, having delivered keynote presentations in the UK, USA, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

A former New Zealand and Australasian light welterweight boxing champion, Billy has spent a lifetime involved in sport and physical fitness. He has addressed a wide range of elite sporting audiences from the All Blacks to the State of Origin team. Having achieved international success through goal setting and determination, Billy appropriates lessons from the ring directly to safety in the workplace. He has turned common sense into an art form.

Billy delights in telling stories of his own life to show that anyone can make it. Having left school unable to read or write Billy took up butchering and later teaching physical education. He eventually started his own business and designed a unique fitness product complete with endorsements from the US Airforce Academy and Floyd Patterson – ex world heavyweight champion. He has appeared numerous times on national television, in local and national newspapers and radio. No small achievement for a dyslexic who left school at 14.

In January 2006 Billy established the Naenae Boxing Academy; a charitable work which is the fulfilment of a life-long dream to have his own boys club in his troubled hometown of Naenae. Billy trains 80 young men; a large number of whom are at serious risk, out of his desire to make a difference and provide for others what was provided for him. In 2011 Billy received the national award of New Zealander of the Year Local Hero for outstanding service to the nation. He is having a significant impact on a supportive community.

In 2012 Billy published his second book Making Champion Men based on his experiences mentoring Kiwi youth, which was chosen for presentation to international publishers at the 2013 Frankfurt International Book Fair.

Billy loves people and delights in sharing his zest for living with others. His warm and enthusiastic presentation inspires his audience by challenging their outlook and increasing their potential. Billy is indeed a personal motivator.

Billy's keynotes:
• Motivation – 'Make It Happen' with Billy the Kid
• Fitness and Lifestyle: 'Healthy Living Made Simple'
• Health and Safety: 'Keep Your Guard Up and Enjoy The Journey'
• Sales and Marketing: 'I’ll Never Stop Selling!'
• Overcoming Adversity: 'Getting Up Off The Canvas'
• Our Community: 'Making A Difference'

Billy can also present an After Dinner keynote;

· Confessions of a Butcher
· Stories of Boxing Legends
· Tales of Billy's Humorous Journey into Guest Speaking