Bill Potter

Bill Potter is THE "Business Maverick". He takes a look at your business/industry from the outside. And gets you to think "differently"

"If we all thought the same all the time, nothing would ever change. Every company needs a maverick"  Richard Branson

Every company needs mavericks. New Zealand boasts one of the best. Bill Potter is considered by many, to be one of the best business, strategic and challenging speakers globally. His presentations are always original, current and inspiring.

See Bill in action at the Asia-Pacific Life Insurance Congress in Hong Kong

In 1987, the year the New Zealand All Blacks won the first Rugby World Cup, there was no branding on the team jersey. As National Events Manager for Lion Breweries, Bill initiated the sponsorship deal with the New Zealand Rugby Football Union, in 1986, that has continued, and will endure until at least 2020. Then, in 1994, the 'Steinlager' logo finally appeared, on the All Black jersey. Hooray!

Bill spent the first three and a half years of his life, in a Japanese prisoner of war camps, in Indonesia. His father was a plantation manager there, and Bill, his father and his mother were confined to several, separate POW camps during that time.

This may give some clue, as to why Bill became a Maverick! 

From 1970 to 1983 Bill Bill worked with Junior Chamber International (Jaycees) in New Zealand and from 1976  to 1983 in the World Headquarters of Junior Chamber International, in Miami, where he eventually became the Deputy Secretary-General. He was responsible for many portfolios, including worldwide programmes, one of which UNICEF stated that it was the best NGO response to the U.N. 'International Year of the Child'. He was also very involved in training and development.

In 1983, Bill returned to New Zealand. He was the first national Sponsorship and Events Manager for Lion Breweries, where he brought sponsorship and sport together. He also held a development portfolio with the ASB Bank, for several years.

Bill has been a double-international referee, in both Rugby and Touch Football. In fact, as at February 2018 (yes he is still active), he has refereed over 1,108 Rugby matches and 2,055 Touch games for a combined total of 3,163 plus forays onto the field, in several countries, since 1965. He also refereed a Touch World Cup final. Not bad for a POW kid, who had severe rickets.

Bill has helped hundreds of companies create their ‘different’. Bill is able to bring out that special ‘difference’ in companies and individuals. This pays off big time. That is because Bill is... THE Business Maverick, and he always sees things ‘differently’.

Enough said. When you want someone to excite your Team to find their unique difference and using it to drive home, your advantage, there is but one speaker to call. Bill ‘The Maverick’ Potter! He is a very interactive Speaker, because his audience will collectively, know far more than he does, and Bill brings it out.

As one enthusiastic CEO described Bill... ‘He is amazing! His ideas are so good, that we changed the way we did our business, the very next day. And... we loved his offbeat humour.’ So will you.

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