Bernard Hickey

Top speaker on economy and technology

Bernard is a leading financial journalist and editor with over 18 years experience which includes roles with Reuters, the Financial Times Group and Fairfax Media in Wellington, Canberra, Sydney, London and Singapore.

Bernard is currently the Editor of, a news and information website aimed at two million New Zealand borrowers and savers, and is a commentator on financial, economic and investment issues, regularly appearing on radio, television and in the Herald on Sunday.

Bernard is particularly well-informed with matters to do with house prices, interest rates, finance companies, banks, international economic issues, and on-line media.

Bernard was heavily involved in the formation of www.reuters, msn and stuff. He can illustrate in a very easy to grasp presentation the business benefits of the latest technology and merging trends such as blogging and Twitter.

He explains his sometimes controversial views in an engaging and refreshing way to a wide audience, and the beauty is that Bernard works independently with a completely unbiased view.

Bernard will design a keynote presentation specifically to cover the areas of importance and relevance to your organisation/industry.

You should consider Bernard as a keynote speaker for your event if you would like any of the below issues discussed:

• The current economy – what’s happening and what it means for you
• The credit crunch
• Interest rates
• Housing
• Financial issues/markets
• Technology and Online media – blogging, Twitter, Facebook