Annette Fenton

Annette Fenton is like an insurance policy. She shows companies how to insure themselves against negligence under the HSWA 2015

Annette loves to talk! She has been a Toastmaster for nearly 20 years and is a DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster), has a Communication Degree and studied Psychology and Counselling. She now applies these skills in the workplace.

Annette is an expert in the field of communications. she has evolved techniques for her clients who would rather face the IRD or the dentist than give a speech or where the word COMMUNICATION is classed as an expletive.

This has been very useful in her diverse career paths that include;
  • Engineering – where creative people tend to mumble nervously,
  • Construction – who have their own generic language!
  • Overseas organising international business development – always a communication quagmire
  • Local politics where truths often get confused with a good story! 
  • ​Introducing new legislation or procedures

However, Annette's main focus in the corporate environment is the Communication Within Health and Safety. She has identified that the new HSWA (Health and Safety at Work Act 2015) now requires many levels of communication but doesn’t provide how to overcome the obvious communication gap. Annette will give insight to this vexed topic and even a couple of innovative ideas to help companies save themselves thousands of dollars (and more) in penalties not to mention the potential of injury and loss of life.