Andrew Clay

MC, after dinner and comedy

Born and raised in West Auckland, New Zealand, Andrew at 21 set off to seek his fortune on the comedy circuits of Australia. Four years later, after a number of national tours, performing in over 200 venues across the Tasman, Andrew returned to New Zealand.

 The year was 1994 and something was brewing in his home land. A small but enthusiastic live comedy scene was in it's infancy where before there had been none - I mean there had been plenty of infancy but no live comedy to speak of. Anyway Andrew wanted to be part of this comedy explosion in his home land, so he returned to the country of his birth and led the way in raising the standard and expectations of live comedy in New Zealand.

At the time of his return he was only professional stand up comedian in New Zealand but that soon changed as the industry grew exponentially in the following years to where it has now an ever expanding list of internationally recognised comedy talents, Andrew being one of these.

Over that time he has continued to prove his comedic quality and versatility performing in countries as diverse as the UK, Ireland, Holland, Australia, Singapore, USA, Canada, Fiji, East Timor and throughout the Carribean.

He's not just confined his comedic abilities to stand up, with work in music radio, sports radio, hosting a number tv shows, writing for radio, small screen and stage, and acting - both comedic and serious. So in a nutshell that is Andrew Clay..... Welcome to his website.

Highly recommended as both a headliner & MC...his audience rapport is almost incomparable in New Zealand.