Andrea McDowell

Andrea McDowell is an arrogant, egotistical and demanding young professional… or in other words, she is a millennial!


When you hear the words "arrogant, egotistical and demanding young professional"… they are usually describing Millennials, that group of people born between 1981 and 1996.

Millennials, one of the largest generations in history are entering the workforce in large numbers, and poised to reshape the economy forcing companies to examine how they recruit, train and motivate their staff.

Andrea McDowell is a Millennial! She works with companies advising them on how to integrate this new generation through her speaking, training and consulting.

Andrea has her own company, "Millennial Boardroom" which works with organisations to engage, motivate, and harness the potential of Millennials. Her services include the development of graduate programmes, facilitation courses with Senior Leaders, Team Leaders, and Millennials themselves to provide improved intergenerational understanding and cohesion.

As a Millennial, Andrea offers practical ideas on how organisations can align the development of a 'Millennial-friendly workplace' with business strategy and success. Andrea speaks from her own experience, thoughts and frustrations and tells it how it really is.

Andrea was born in South Africa and then moved to Australia to later end up in New Zealand (she likes to call her self the Tri-Nations). She has studied a Bachelors in International Relations, Post- Graduate Certificate in Business Administration and is currently completing her Masters in Business Psychology on a part-time basis.

She has worked in the NGO sector and as a Graduate in a Learning and Development Consultancy.

There is no better way to understand what makes millennials tick that to ask one.